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We always get those coupon books in the mail and I’m forever looking for a car wash coupon. My favorite thing about going to the car wash (other than my car no longer smelling like spoiled deli/armpit is when they say, “And if it rains tomorrow, bring it back and we will rewash it for free!”

And I’m like, “What if it rains cheddar goldfish in the third row of my minivan, then will you rewash it for free?!” The answer is no so don’t even bother asking.

So we just got a new coupon booklet and my 3 year old son pulled out a coupon and kept saying, “I want this. I want this. I want this.”

“I want the car washed too buddy! Let me see that.”

And this is what he showed me…


What did he want exactly? Reduced cellulite? A thong? I couldn’t figure it out. But he was so insistent on wanting it.

Turns out, he was telling me he wants to wear underwear.

We finally got 3 1/2 year old Cash potty trained. For months I tried not to worry about his complete disinterest in potty training but I have a lot of landfill guilt and his environmental impact was becoming too much to bear. That and a 3 1/2 year old does not produce the most petite bowel movements.

We finally potty trained him by just having him wear shorts (it’s Florida) with no underwear. I think getting a little extra air down there helped him remember that pull ups (during the day) were a thing of the past and he needed to get to a toilet.

The only problem is that sometimes he is stuck in the car. The other day I ran into a sporting goods store and left Cash in the car with his older sisters. They are 10 and 12 so please don’t call the authorities. You see Cash is sort of a maniac in every store and sometimes the thought of dragging him in there for 10 minutes so I can buy soccer socks makes my head explode a little bit.

So I said to my girls, “Lock the doors, I’ll be right back.”

And I was right back.

But it’s amazing what can happen in 10 minutes.

“Everything good?” I said.

“Yes but Cash had to go to the bathroom,” my 12 year old explained.

“Why didn’t you text me?”

“Well, we did something different than that.”

“What?” I asked.

“Well, I had this empty ice tea bottle so I unbuckled Cash and had him pee in the bottle.”

And he really did.


I looked at the bottle. And my first thought was  – I’m so glad he didn’t pee in his pants and carseat.

“Okay. That was a clever, bold way to go. Maybe next time text me. We actually have a portable potty in the back of the car.” I explained.

She agreed.

And then I thought – wow, Cash is a lot more talented than I imagined.

This kid definitely deserves some underwear.

7 Responses to adventures in potty training a kid who could care less

  • Steph says:

    Very resourceful big sisters! Good job! And it is easier to clean up than a port a potty, I would think:) Also, happy for you that he is potty trained.

  • Mary says:

    He he! Clever sisters. Isn’t it awesome when the little one is finally on board with potty training?! My youngest took her sweet time! She was afraid of the potty forever. No cajoling, bribing, or sweet talking was going to get her near that thing until she was ready. Now two years past potty training, I’ve almost forgotten what diaper changing is like. ALMOST.

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