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If you live in New York, you know there is an Egyptian cobra on the loose. The snake escaped from her cage at the Bronx Zoo nearly a week ago. Zoo officials are confident that she is somewhere in the World of Reptiles (okay, if you say so) and they have shut it down until the snake reappears.

But those zoo keepers must be on Facebook because the snake is all over Twitter.

Here are some of her recent tweets…

The best part is that all the news reports about the snake’s tweets make sure to clarify that it is a bogus or spoof Twitter account. Personally, I find it offensive that they don’t think snakes are smart enough to be on Twitter.

I really hope this snake starts blogging.

So while I’ve been avoiding the World of Reptiles and the zoo and really the whole Bronx borough, I’ve been reading about that poor sap who didn’t enter his office lottery pool (even though he usually did).

Oh you know what happened.

His office co-workers won the 300 million dollar jackpot.

But on the bright side, I feel mountains better about forgetting my Bed, Bath & Beyond 20% off coupon EVERY time I go to the store! More of a bright side for me than him I guess.

And here is something else to feel good about… I told you that I’d raised $450 for Japan with the help of pure t, glassybaby and all of your comments. Well, another company has also committed to giving $150 for the Red Cross’ efforts in Japan…. Gaggle of Chicks!

I just love this group buying site. Gaggle of Chicks offers daily deals on the best products and services for moms and families delivered right to your email inbox. Daily deals range from children’s classes to beauty products to mommy boot camps.

But not any deal will do. They are super selective, looking for vendors who are recommended by their network of moms.  And it’s completely free to join.

Thanks to Gaggle of Chicks, we have now raised $600 for Japan! How amazing is that. Thank you everyone!

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