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So I guess by now you’ve read about these yahoo Northwest Airlines pilots who overshot their Minneapolis destination by 150 miles. And then they turned around.

I am absolutely outraged for any parent on that San Diego-to-Minneapolis flight who actually had to entertain their kids for an additional 300 miles. Let’s try to be a little more child friendly, Northwest.

The pilots are like the worst liars on the planet because they contend they were focused on their laptops and lost track of time. It’s a shaky excuse because the pilots were out of communication with air-traffic controllers for MORE THAN AN HOUR.

Air-traffic controllers in Denver and Minneapolis repeatedly tried to radio them.

Pilots in the area tried to contact the plane on other radio frequencies.

The airline even tried reaching the pilots using a radio text message that chimes.

You know, my 5 year-old is not much of a listener. But I’m pretty sure that a multitude of air-traffic controllers, pilots and a radio text message system might grab her attention, at least for a moment. Especially if they were offering cupcakes.

For the record, I’m not sure if air-traffic controllers were offering cupcakes.

These dimwitted pilots were either sleeping, having sex, listening to their iPods or learning to play the card game Casino (because trust me when I say that game takes a lot of focus).

Thankfully, all 144 passengers and 5 crew members arrived in Minneapolis safely. And now the FAA has revoked the licenses of the pilots. Hallelujah!

Those passengers better earn extra frequent flier miles for that little unplanned excursion. And for the return trip, they have all requested pilots that actually fly the plane and listen to the radio and do all that other fancy pilot stuff.

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