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On Friday, 2-month-old Cash and I took a very quick trip to Florida. We flew down on a 6 am flight and flew back on a 7:30 pm flight. Of course I parked in the wrong lot and barely made our plane. Then Cash pooped and it seeped through his onesie and onto my clothes as we were taking off.

But no matter, because I was traveling with one little baby! That’s it. And people are so nice when you are traveling with an adorable infant. Not as much when you have an entourage of raucous children.

My favorite part of the flight (other than the obvious poop situation) was after we landed in Ft. Lauderdale, the flight attendant announced that it was the pilot’s first landing on his own. Everyone applauded. Not so much for him. But more because it’s fun to be alive.

I went to Florida to see my new house – the one my husband bought when I was too pregnant to travel. When I got there, the window treatments guy was waiting for me. So  the window treatments guy and I got to experience my new home together. It was a nice bonding moment. He carried Cash in his infant seat and I opened the door.

And I liked it! What do you think? (Insert photo here that I forgot to take.)

There was no Chia Pet carpeting and no western mosaics as I had feared.

Within a few minutes, the doorbell rang and I looked at the window treatments guy like, “Aren’t you going to get that?” before I remembered it was my house.

It was my new neighbor who introduced herself and proceeded to tell me that my water heater was broken and water was gushing down the street. We had owned the house 6 days.

I also found out that many Florida homes have no basements and no attics which means I am taking your advice and getting rid of lots of stuff. The Build-A-Bears have received their eviction notice.

After dealing with water heaters, the cable man and alarm people, Cash and I headed back to the airport. I sat next to this mom on the plane and talked to her for 3 hours. We chatted about Miami and politics and her father’s cancer and everything in between.

She texted me her number and wrote… “This is your first friend in Florida.”

I am going to need one.


17 Responses to 10 hours in florida

  • Honestmum says:

    Oh wow, glad you got the water situation sorted and how lovely you already have a new friend. Good luck with the move, sounds fabulous. Poor Build A Bears!

  • miamimommy says:

    Put me on the Florida friend list too. I had first discovered your blog while pregnant with #2 & “vacationing” for a really LOoong time at my in-laws’. You made me laugh & that helped a lot then, so I owe you even though we haven’t met. Try to check out that email network Just Ask Boo.com because you can ask questions on there for recommendations on anything from plumbers to piano moving to play groups, babysitters, recommendations for schools, etc. Best wishes to all of you!

  • Lanie says:

    So glad that you like the house and that you seem to be making lots of Florida friends 🙂 Perhaps you can ask the window treatment guy to send you a picture of the house for you to post. xoxo

  • Loukia says:

    I am obviously living on Mars because YOU ARE MOVING TO FLORIDA? Amazing! Fort Lauderdale (closer to Miami, sort of in the middle) is our second home. We are at the Westin Diplomat Resort twice a year, since my oldest was two years old! FEELS like home. Sort of. When do you move?

  • Steph says:

    Sorry about the diaper situation. But I’m more sad to read that people aren’t as nice to you when you have your entourage of children with you. I don’t get that. Although I’m a Austin, Texas transplant, I can be your Florida friend every Christmas when visiting with my Mom:)

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