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1. The BabbaBox: The monthly themed box arrives at your door with everything you need to keep kids entertained with crafts, digital apps, children’s books and exploring the outdoors. It’s like the instant answer to “I’m bored” without having to make a trip to the craft store. Target age: 3 – 7.

2. Stomping Ground: This company has reinvented the school picture. You know those lame school pictures that you never order? Well, Stomping Ground comes into a school and takes photos in a whole different way. The photos are cool. They capture your child’s personality. You order them. Happily. (Full disclosure: We are friends with the photographer which doesn’t make him any less talented.)

3. Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers: These diapers rock. They go on like a pull-up and come off like a diaper. So if you have a baby or toddler that thrashes around, you can actually get these diapers on. Such a simple concept but yet, so brilliant. (Affiliate link included above.)

4. The Jimmies: My kids love music and this by far, is one of my favorite kids CD’s. The music if fun, creative and doesn’t make adults crazy at all. Trust me. This band is awesome.

5. This post from Momastery: My friend Rachel sent me this post and I just loved it. It’s called “Don’t Carpe Diem” and as a mother, I really identified with it. But who cares what I have to say. Go read it.

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