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I’ve never quite known what to make of the Berenstain Bears with their fashion challenged wardrobes and quirky habit of calling each other “brother” and “sister” instead of by their actual names.

Wait – do they even have real names?! I have no idea.

But it doesn’t matter because my daughters love these wholesome bears.  We read the books, watch the TV show and they were thrilled to see the The Berenstain Bears Live (a musical) at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center on the Upper West Side. (The tickets were complimentary.)

This is a very sweet show that tackles issues like junk food, being a team player and talking to strangers. The theater is small so it’s pretty easy for kids to see. And right on the edge of the stage, they even have a carpeted area called the grassy knoll where children (who have VIB tickets) can sit.  Yes, VIB stands for Very Important Bear.

The show is about an hour and afterward, kids can get a bear nose painted on their face and have their program signed by the actors.

Performances until September 4th. Buy tickets here. Put in the discount code BLOGGER for 20% off VIB tickets.

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