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I’m desperately in love with the organic food chain Whole Foods (except at lunch time when it’s so busy I want to grab my two kids and hide under the locally grown heirloom tomatoes). So my husband and I jumped at the chance to attend a Whole Foods event, highlighting “extraordinary food artisans.” Sounds fancy right?

It took place at Studio 450 which is so gorgeous with enormous windows, panoramic city views and clean, white space that I begged Rick to marry me again at this beautiful venue. Uh… he said no. But the food and beverages rocked. We nibbled on a yummy artichoke spread from Ciolo Foods, sipped all natural sodas from GuS (Grown-up Soda) and cleansed our palate with Wine Cellar Sorbets.

Say what? Yes, sorbet made from wine. Seriously. I tasted the Riesling, the Cabernet Sauvignon and even the Sangria Rojo. It’s like eating a glass of wine. Plus, no fat, dairy, corn syrup or gluten. No, it won’t make you tipsy (yes, of course, I asked!). But it does contain enough alcohol that you have to be 21 to consume this sweet treat. Now that’s my kind of dessert.

One last important note… Whole Foods is currently selling a reusable shopping bag called FEED 100 at their stores. Each bag purchased ($29.99) will help provide 100 nutritious meals to hungry school children in Rwanda through the United Nation World’s Food Program. So pick one up if you can.

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