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I decided this year that I really wanted to reduce my family’s exposure to parabens. Parabens are chemicals widely used as preservatives in cosmetics, lotions, deodorants and sunscreens.

They’ve become quite controversial because some studies have linked them to an increased breast cancer risk.  If you’re wondering if your fave products contain parabens, look for the suffix “paraben” in the ingredients. For example… benzylparaben, propylparaben and methylparaben are ones that are commonly used.

I was pretty frustrated when I started looking at all the sunscreens. So many of them contain parabens! And all the paraben free alternatives seemed to come in dinky 4 ounce sizes. Then I found Kiss My Face Sunspray Lotion. It comes in an 8 oz SPF 30 spray lotion. Easy to apply (Dylan + Summer tested), water resistant and fragrance free. Doesn’t feel greasy at all which is a must for me. Seriously perfect for the whole family. $13.99.

Have a paraben free product you love? Please leave a comment or send me an email at kelcey@mamabirddiaries.com.

9 Responses to paraben free sunscreen

  • liz says:

    we love the California Baby products. just looking at the site, i don't see anything that specifically states it's paraben-free…is it safe to assume that since it's organic that it's paraban-free?

  • Robyn says:

    I also just started using California Baby sunscreen — it's all natural, NO chemicals, smells great and is Bear-tested (in Orlando, FL, no less!) My one complaint is the dinky size, but a little of this stuff goes a LONG way. Also, it's easy to apply and isn't greasy.

  • Viv says:

    As of 2005 California Baby has removed parabens from their products. California Baby sunscreen is great but I wish they came with a spray nozzle like the Kiss My Face sunscreen.

  • caner rates in children continue to rise. despite the widespread use of sunscreens. there is the belief that the " normal" sunscreens contain so many chemicals (parabens) that they may actually be contributing to toxicity levels in children. Paraben-free sunscreens are a must, also NO sodium lauryl sulfate or fragrances

  • emily says:

    I love Kiss My Face products. I just dragged myself to an “organic parenting” class and learned a ton. Most of the sunscreens at the healthfood stores are probably good (like Kiss My Face), and in addition some great brands are Weleda and Dr. Houcshka. Weleda has been great for my kids, but I couldn’t bring myself to biy the $30 tube of the Dr. sunscreen even if it is the best.

  • parabenfree says:

    malheureusement trop de paraben sont dans nos cosmétiques et mêmes nos aliments. Il faudrait arriver dans les cosmétiques a avoir le moins de paraben possible. Beaucoup de marques sont déjà en avance sur ce sujet.

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