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Who doesn’t want to be groovy? So I was thrilled (in a cool, laid back, groovy way of course) to check out a new line of dolls from Groovy Girls.

Having still not quite recovered from the Barbie doll aisle at Target, where the Barbies seem to be competing for the shortest, tightest outfit… I was quite relieved to see the Groovy Girls ride into town.

They are just super cute dolls that seem age appropriate and fun. But definitely not boring. They have stylish, changeable outfits (something I know my two girls can appreciate). Oh, and they have pets! And take it from this former dog owner, there is nothing better than a faux pet.

Each doll or pet comes with a code that can be used to access special activities on the Groovy Girls RSVP website. So check it out and get your groove on.

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