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I recently discovered a cool company, parent PLAY, that plans events for parents and children. As their tag line goes, “why should kids have all the fun?” I’m with you. At their events, you can do things like get a mini massage while your kiddo enjoys story time and art. Now I’m really with you. In October, you can join parent PLAY at Bashed, the ABC’s of Party Planning, an all day festivity where you can get help planning your child’s birthday party – whether it’s their first or sweet sixteen. Finally, a little assistance for us stressed out mamas. October 28th at the Altman Building. You can buy your tickets now.

One Response to for nyc mamas: playtime for everyone

  • robin says:

    We went to Bashed — unfortunately nobody else did. The place was empty. Discovered an awesome company, though. DIVVIES — the best cookies, gourmet popcorn and cupcakes and all made without peanuts, nuts, eggs, and milk. Finding DIVVIES made the trip worthwhile.

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