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anima-vegetable-miracle.jpgI’m recommending a book that I actually haven’t read. I know. I know. But I PLAN to read it. So it’s like I already have. Plus, contributing mama Daphne Biener has actually read it. And I trust that girl. So here it is: “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life” by Barbara Kingsolver. This book is part memoir and part journalistic investigation. It tells the story of the year one family spent deliberately eating only food they could grow or buy at the local farmer’s market (does that mean no baked chips?). Daphne promises it’s very funny. The family’s 9 year-old does learn a secret to raising chickens for food: don’t name them. Plus, the book offers recipes. 2007 is almost over. If you haven’t read a book yet, maybe this is the one. Order here.

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  • Nona says:

    I really, really like Barbara Kingsolver and I wasn't aware she had written a new book! How exciting! Thank goodness someone is keeping up with my favorite authors!

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