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For years I’ve been battling the cellulite on my butt and upper thighs. It’s genetic. Thanks, Mom. I’ll never be able to make it disappear completely. Exercise helps but lately my efforts to tighten up my backside haven’t been providing results. I’ll blame that on my age and my daughter. Ok, Noa isn’t directly responsible for the persistent pattern of dimples and puckers on my tush but nine months of pregnancy hasn’t helped.

asparagus-in-boiling-water-ph109_007.jpgThere’s no cure for cellulite. But there are some foods that contain ingredients that can help to decrease the appearance of cellulite – thanks to their circulation-boosting properties. If you sometimes feel like spackling your butt like I do, you might want to add a few of these to your shopping list.

Asparagus: Helps strengthen veins and capillaries.

Bananas: A good booster for blood vessels and great for assisting in healthy circulation.

Broccoli: Contains alpha lipoic acid, which helps prevent the hardening of collagen caused by sugar.

Oranges: Contain bioflavonoids that can improve circulation and strengthen capillaries.

Oily fish: Contain cellulite-fighting proteins and minerals.

Pears: Can help reduce the effects of pollutants in the body, assisting the lymphatic system.

Pineapple: Can help fight fluid retention and aid in the healing of damaged collagen fibers.

The good news is these foods are incredibly healthy for you in many ways. They contain Vitamins A, B, B6, C, magnesium, potassium, selenium, calcium and essential fatty acids. I plan to eat up, feel healthy and maybe fear the three-way dressing room mirror a little less.

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