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When television is done right, it truly becomes a creative, learning experience. And The Mother Company/Ruby Studios (a company that aims to help parents raise good people) know how to do good television. They are currently offering a 3 DVD holiday gift pack (which you can win below) featuring kids videos on feelings, friendships and safety.

Screen shot 2013-12-08 at 10.03.06 PM

Sure, all these videos have wonderful messages but would my children watch them? I sat 4 of my kids down (ages 3 to 9) and they became entranced. Host Ruby has a serious Mister Rogers vibe and all 3 shows are whimsical, creative and beautifully told through stories, crafts and children using their imaginations.

In all 3 DVD’s, kids learn very important things like how to handle a bully, how to deal with very angry feelings or how to protect their personal safety. The safety video is all about kids trusting their “uh-oh feeling.” Children are taught to recognize their instincts and make the best choices for their well-being.

All of these videos started great conversations with my children. Conversations that I meant to be having with my kids but perhaps were getting lost in the hussle of school, activities and bedtime routines.

Right now, you can purchase this 3-pack DVD set on friendships, feelings and safety for only $31.50 (normally $50) by clicking here. Also enter to win this 3-pack because it will make a wonderful holiday gift.

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Good luck!

This is a sponsored post for The Mother Company and Rubio Studios. All ideas are my own.


annie_logo2There is something very special about taking kids to their first Broadway show. And I’m so glad it was Annie. I have great memories of seeing it on Broadway when I was younger and it was amazing to be there with my own children.

Of course, if it had been left up to me, we would have missed the first hour because I just assumed the show started at 8 pm. But thank goodness, my husband checked (I knew I married him for a reason) and found out the show began at 7 pm. Brilliant because my 6 and 8 year-old daughters would have never made it to the end otherwise.

The production is sweet and wonderfully familiar. The orphanage girls are especially cute. Katie Finneran stands out as Miss Hannigan, getting quite a few laughs from the audience. And Anthony Warlow plays a great Daddy Warbucks. Sandy (real name: Sunny) the dog is also a big crowd pleaser.

The only thing I didn’t like about the production was that Annie and some of the other characters had exaggerated NY accents and I felt it was distracting and took away a bit from some of the songs.

That said, my daughters loved the show. My second grader never did have time to do her homework that night so I just tucked the playbill inside her backpack so her teacher would understand. Some NYC experiences are more important than math equations. And this was one of them.

Now can someone get my husband to stop singing, “The sun will come out tomorrow…” Seriously. He’s making me crazy.

Special offer for March performances! $79 Orch/Front Mezz, $59 Side Orch/Mid Mezz (reg $129/$89). To purchase go to ticketmaster.com or call 877.250.2929. Use code: MARCH

Note: I received complimentary tickets for this show.


1. The BabbaBox: The monthly themed box arrives at your door with everything you need to keep kids entertained with crafts, digital apps, children’s books and exploring the outdoors. It’s like the instant answer to “I’m bored” without having to make a trip to the craft store. Target age: 3 – 7.

2. Stomping Ground: This company has reinvented the school picture. You know those lame school pictures that you never order? Well, Stomping Ground comes into a school and takes photos in a whole different way. The photos are cool. They capture your child’s personality. You order them. Happily. (Full disclosure: We are friends with the photographer which doesn’t make him any less talented.)

3. Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers: These diapers rock. They go on like a pull-up and come off like a diaper. So if you have a baby or toddler that thrashes around, you can actually get these diapers on. Such a simple concept but yet, so brilliant. (Affiliate link included above.)

4. The Jimmies: My kids love music and this by far, is one of my favorite kids CD’s. The music if fun, creative and doesn’t make adults crazy at all. Trust me. This band is awesome.

5. This post from Momastery: My friend Rachel sent me this post and I just loved it. It’s called “Don’t Carpe Diem” and as a mother, I really identified with it. But who cares what I have to say. Go read it.


I’ve never quite known what to make of the Berenstain Bears with their fashion challenged wardrobes and quirky habit of calling each other “brother” and “sister” instead of by their actual names.

Wait – do they even have real names?! I have no idea.

But it doesn’t matter because my daughters love these wholesome bears.  We read the books, watch the TV show and they were thrilled to see the The Berenstain Bears Live (a musical) at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center on the Upper West Side. (The tickets were complimentary.)

This is a very sweet show that tackles issues like junk food, being a team player and talking to strangers. The theater is small so it’s pretty easy for kids to see. And right on the edge of the stage, they even have a carpeted area called the grassy knoll where children (who have VIB tickets) can sit.  Yes, VIB stands for Very Important Bear.

The show is about an hour and afterward, kids can get a bear nose painted on their face and have their program signed by the actors.

Performances until September 4th. Buy tickets here. Put in the discount code BLOGGER for 20% off VIB tickets.


By Contributing Mama Jordana Bales

I live in Manhattan where Pinkberry frozen yogurt rules the streets. But the Soft Serve Fruit Company is hoping to lure those Pinkberry loyalists into its 3rd Avenue shop on the Upper East side.

Soft Serve Fruit Company touts itself as an alternative to frozen yogurt and ice cream and uses only fruit, water and organic cane sugar in its frozen treats. It’s dairy and gluten free too.

I was invited to a tasting with my daughter Ava who helped herself to THREE desserts. But they were so light and healthy that I convinced myself she was actually eating fruit.

I thought the pear and mango flavors were delicious but the strawberry was the best. I had a strawberry soft serve on a pretzel cone – the combination of salty and sweet was perfect.

But the coolest part of the whole experience was the scratch and sniff wall paper! There were bananas on the walls that you could smell. Thankfully, I did refrain from licking the wall.

For you all on the Upper East side, this place even delivers.  And soon it will be shipping nationwide.

kelcey kintner