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She Just Looks Like A Summer
Baby name regret is a very real thing. I have written extensively about the issue and my own experience changing our baby’s name. I still get an email a week from some new mom in need of guidance and reassurance.
(Mama Bird Diaries)

Rules for the Summer
With kids out of school, summertime can feel a little bit like armageddon. So we need rules! Lots of rules. I came up with a few that I think every parent can support and enforce (or you know, at least try).
(Today Community)

The Reinvention of the Airport Hotel
I love hotels! And I had the chance to work with Marriott who is reinventing the airport hotel. Convenience, contemporary and cool.
(Mama Bird Diaries, Sponsored by Marriott)

Best Family-Friendly Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale
Like going out to dinner but also have kids? We found some fabulous restaurants in Fort lauderdale (that are also great for children!). Atlanta restaurants coming next!
(Alpha Mom)

Let’s Save Play Together
Kids need to be outside experiencing unstructured play. But they are getting less and less of it. So how do we change this?
(Mama Bird diaries)

Emails from a Marriage
A funny take on the compromise of marriage.
(Mama Bird Diaries)

The Awards They Should Give Out at the Academy Awards
Sure it’s fun to find out which movie wins Best Picture but these are the parenting awards they really should be giving out.
(Mama Bird Diaries, Sponsored by Luvs)

The Evolution of Accepting Your Kid is Staying Home from School
Sick? Your kid is not sick. The humorous process of accepting your child is staying home from school.
(Mama Bird Diaries)

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