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Nanny Goats in Panties came up with this awesome idea to host a White Elephant Party.

It seemed like a perfect opportunity to see a white elephant without having to plan a big fancy expensive safari trip to Africa. Well, sadly, it has nothing to do with elephants at all. But on the upside, it’s a fun gift exchange party! I was honored to get a present from Margaret (Miss Nanny Goats herself).  Here’s what she sent me…

Clearly, she knows I’m gifted in the kitchen department. And I’m now making Rick call me Nigella.

I couldn’t wait to unload my white elephant gift. So I sent Cardiogirl these baby carrier covers that are meant to give your baby privacy and keep away that pesky paparazzi. They clearly come in handy if you’re Tori Spelling or just completely paranoid.

The gift was so super lame that I had to mail her something else too. You can read about it at Cardiogirl. And even though the gift exchange party is over, I’m still combing through my attic is search of other junk I can send her. Cardiogirl might just have to move to a new address.

Thanks Margaret for a super fabulous party!

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