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Holy crap, is BlogHer 09 over?! Already?

What a whirlwind of amazing, cool ass blogging women with smart stuff to say. And other than the random guy in the elevator who asked me, “Is this a cosmetics conference?” I just loved everyone.

And what made this year totally rock is that Eriq La Salle drove me to the airport on the way home.Β  I know you were totally wondering what he’s been doing since he left “ER.” Ok for the record (because I touted during our BlogHer humor panel that I am very truthful on my blog), it may not have been Eriq La Salle but a Chicago taxi driver that STRONGLY resembled the actor. But trust me when I say it was just as thrilling.

So after getting to the airport, checking in and grabbing a glass of wine, I think to myself, could I be any more blessed with a cool conference, a pseudo La Salle sighting and a cold glass of Chardonnay?

And then I see Tim Gunn of “Project Runway” fame on my flight. Not in the sultry Tide & Bounce Laundry Lounge. But in first class. On my flight.

So I lean across one of those massive, soft leather first class seats that I covet from afar and say, “You’re Tim Gunn” which I think he totally appreciates because celebrities forget all the time who they are.

And then of course, I explain how I missed his appearance at BlogHer but THANK GOD we are able to connect on the plane.

He asks me my name and looks into my eyes and says,

“Kelcey, I’m committed to going to BlogHer again next year.”

At which point, I say… “Tim, screw BlogHer. Let’s just sew beautiful clothes together.” Ok I don’t.Β  I actually say, “Oh that’s great!Β  We would be so excited to have you again.”

Now the passengers behind me are getting a little restless because they want to sit down so we can take-off. I am of course extremely sensitive to the needs of other travelers and American Airlines’ commitment to on-time departures but I know the airline would want me to be completely satisfied with my flying experience.

And that means a picture with Tim. And of course, T.G. agrees because he’s so incredibly nice.Β  And also because he is trapped on the plane with his seat belt securely fastened.

tim gunn and kelcey

So I finally find my way to my seat in coach with all the other commoners who aren’t on hit TV shows and we take off.

Now I’m not the best air traveler. I madly grip the armrest with every subtle vibration of the plane but my fear completely dissolves. I know God would never let anything happen to the fashionable and fantastic and kind Tim Gunn. That man is untouchable.

And with that I calmly and safely fly back to New York City.

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