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This is what I wish someone had told me before I had kids: “TRAVEL EVERYWHERE BECAUSE ONCE YOU HAVE KIDS – IT WONT BE EASY TO LEAVE THEM OR BRING THEM.”


I took a work trip to Cincinnati last week to visit Luvs headquarters at Procter & Gamble and learn about secret diaper technology.  Of course, all this inside diaper knowledge only adds to my image as a glamorous lady of mystery and intrigue. That is my image, right?

Days before the trip, I was stressed. And kind of nauseous. I made lists, reconfirmed sitters and bought a lot of food because I would hate for my children to be without super powered, extra orange cheddar flavored blasted double crunchy snacks for 48 hours.

I was pretty much stressed out longer than the actual trip. And the flights did not help because I hate that they won’t let me fly the plane which means I have to hand over my fate to the pilot.

And I become super religious when I fly. Any slight bumpy air and I immediately say prayers to every kind of deity I can think of – the more the better! Of course, the flights were fine and I landed not in Cincinnati as I was promised but Kentucky.

Apparently Kentucky borders Ohio although I’m still not convinced.

When I got there, the driver informed me that there were “mom bloggers” in town so I guess I should have been on the lookout for those crazy ladies.

The trip was quick. But I did get to reconnect with awesome bloggers, meet some very creative people, learn cool things about Luvs that I will tell you about in the coming year, eat a gigantic rib dinner and rode the ducks.

ride the duck

That is a car/boat. The locals give you looks of pity and amusement when you ride by them, blowing your complimentary duck whistle but they are obviously afraid to have fun.

I also found this in my bathroom of the 21c Museum Hotel…

penquin in my bathroom

You try to pee while that penguin stares at you.

But very soon, I was already back in South Florida and 2 year old Cash came running to the door to greet me with a….. “Hi daddy!”

He must have missed me a lot.

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