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I finally got to see my little babies in the NICU. I wish they were a little bigger (especially our baby girl) but they are both doing well.

This is Chase Aspen….

And this is Harlowe Rain….

Dylan and Summer came to the hospital on Saturday to meet their new siblings and bring me chocolate croissants. I will never admit which I was more thrilled about… seeing my big girls or eating those croissants.Β  The girls had all kinds of questions for me like… “Why do you still look pregnant if the babies are out of your belly?”

Summer said she was mostly excited about two things…

1. Being a big sister

2. That I could pick her up now.

I explained that I might need to do a little c-section healing before I could pick her up. And then, of course, Dylan mentioned that she wanted to be picked up too. And Rick didn’t say anything but I could tell he’s dying to be picked up as well.Β  So I obviously need to start weight training as soon as I get out of the hospital so I can bench press my whole family.

On Saturday night, I finally got to hold Chase and Harlowe for the first time. The birth was so fast and unexpected that it’s hard to believe they are really here. So sweet and wonderful.

Thank you to everyone for their calls, texts and emails. It’s meant so much to me. I wish I could return every call and message right now but I’ve been trying to heal, get some rest, see my babies and bond with this breast pump. But your love and thoughts are so appreciated. xo

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