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Yay! My sister came to visit with her family. Which was great because I love her. And them.  And because it made me feel like I had friends for a few days.

Finally, I had someone who was willing to join me for a mini wine tasting at 10:30 in the morning at the local grocery store.

Quinn at Publix

You’d be surprised but not everyone is willing to try cheesecake flavored wine right after breakfast.

Of course, she did let Dylan watch the news one night, not realizing that I don’t let my 3rd grader watch Rick on television because news can be so very dark and violent. But on the upside, Dylan now understands the political ramifications of getting involved in Syria.

3 1/2 month old Cash and 6 week old Callum met for the first time.

cash and callum

The mostly ignored each other which must be some kind of baby bonding ritual.

My dad was nice enough to babysit for all seven of the kids one night so Rick and I could go out with Quinn and my brother-in-law Erik.

“So what’s your emergency plan?” we asked my dad.

“If there’s an emergency, I’ll wake up Dylan and Summer first. They will each take a twin. And then I’ll carry the two babies.”

“Great!” We all chimed in. Until my sister pointed out that there was no mention of her 2-year-old son Matej. She is such a perfectionist.

The best part of the weekend was spending early Sunday evening in Ft. Lauderdale on the beach.

cousins with palm tree backdrop

Those palm trees are real. You know because if it was a backdrop, there probably wouldn’t be a guy eating chips on the far right.

harlowe and cash at beach

rick and cash at beach

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