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If you just had a baby, I’m going to give you a heads up on something. You are now “mom.” And I know what you’re thinking, “Of course I’m the mom! I have a baby.”

But let me clarify, people who are not your child will start calling you mom like it’s your actually name.

Yup. Your name was Jessica. Now it’s “mom.” Of course your friends and family will still call you Jessica. But everyone else apparently had been granted some kind of permission to now just refer to you as “mom.”

At the pediatrician. At the dentist. At the dermatologist. “Please fill out the paperwork, mom.” “We need your co-pay, mom.” “Here’s your receipt, mom.”

OMG! I’m not your mom.

I realized it’s way easier saying “mom” than looking down at previously mentioned paperwork and using my last name. BUT… how about then just not calling me anything. Or calling me, “Smart, fabulous, glamorous lady!”

I mean, doesn’t, “We need your copay smart, fabulous, glamorous lady” sound good? (Okay, we can work on something shorter.)

Plus can you imagine if we walked around all day referring to people as some generic title?

“Thanks Receptionist for making that appointment for me!”

“Hi Teacher! What day is our conference?”

“Thanks for the directions Security Guard!”

“Have a great day Doorman!”

In most cases (with some exceptions like “Doctor”), it would be pretty ridiculous.

So maybe we could all simmer down a bit on the generic mom title.

Unless someone is your actual mom. Then go for it you smart, fabulous, glamorous lady!”

5 Responses to Yo strangers, please stop calling me mom!

  • Daphne Biener says:

    My kids’ doctor calls me Hot Stuff, as in, any new allergies to add to their charts, Hot Stuff. I haven’t bothered to correct her.

  • Judy P says:

    When my nephew was born we all started calling my mom “grandma.” One day we’re all sitting around and I call my mom “grandma’ and she yelled, “Stop calling me ‘grandma’ I’m not your grandma!” All three of us kids said, “Okay MOM.” Not 1 minute later her grandkid says to her, “Can I have some jello MOM?” The kid was so confused he reverted to everyone’s first names for awhile after that.

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