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So I know some of you were excited for my new reality show where smokin’ hot real estate brokers mud wrestle for the chance to sell my apartment, but alas, that is not the reason for the “Good Morning America” shoot. I promise, I’ll try to get that reality show off the ground.

Instead, it all centers around the launch of this new genetics site, 23andMe which can analyze your DNA and tell you your risk for certain diseases, your genetic traits and information about your ancestry.

For example, I learned that I’m unlikely to be a sprinter. Which means my Olympic dreams are now centered more on ice dancing and less on the 400 meter hurdle. Which works for me because the ice dancing outfits are way more glittery.

So here’s an excerpt from my first post for 23andMe:

“When I think about analyzing my DNA, well, I immediately think of high school biology and how Mrs. Hendrickson made me dissect that super gross dead cat. And my lab partner hardly did a thing….” To read more click here.

Apparently, my 15 seconds of fame is supposed to be on GMA between 8 and 9 am EST. And because my husband Rick is always trying to steal my spotlight, he just had to go and win an Emmy this week. Seriously, how awesome is that?! Congrats Rick. I mean Mazel Tov!

Here’s the GMA piece.

56 Responses to yes, yes, i’m really on gma today!

  • Jessica says:

    that is amazing. Congrat to Rick is right, oh yeah, I’m a Jew, Mazel Tov, thanks for reminding me.

    As far as the other, I know one gene you have, the funny one and that beats the one where you could be a sprinter any day

  • Mama Bee says:

    Shut. Up. GMA AND and Emmy!?!? Who ARE you people?!

    Well, congratulations, you crazy successful people! Did you manage to sneak in something during your GMA interview or the Emmy acceptance speech about how you are selling your apartment? 😉

  • Anns Rants says:

    Man, if anyone you know needs an organ your screwed. They’ll be all “just go look it up in your genetics file” Okay, one probably has nothing to do with the other.  I don’t need the test, now we can all see where I’m lacking.

    Congrats (MAJOR MAZEL TOV!) to both of you and I assume I can count on you to put the clip here on the blog? Great post for 23andme.

  • calikim says:

    Cool…I totally know about this. It was invented by the wife of one of the 2 genius’ behind Google. Hmmm….wonder how she got the money to fund her little project??? HA HA HA!!!! Nice to have a husband in high places isn’t it.

    Oh, and I would swab my saliva in a heartbeat.

  • kristen says:

    i can’t wait to watch! i don’t think i’d be too keen to have my DNA tested either.

    congratulations to your emmy-winning man. and on the heels of pesach! mazel tov indeed!

  • Bitsy says:

    Wow! Congrats to your husband and way to go to you! However, I did not need to read again your post about riding around Spain with a handsome spaniard seeing as how my daughter has recently decided that she would like to spend her sophomore year in SPAIN! Sophomore year of high school. I have a feeling I am about to inherit the worry gene.

  • kelsey says:

    We all watched. You looked great. I look forward to reading the 23andMe bloggers reactions to being tested. Sounds intriguing. I totally want me and Dennis to do it. xoK

  • wa says:

    OK, how the hell are you doing ALL of this and still sending me an occasional e-mail? You must be drinking a lot of Red Bull.

    And congratulations to Rick! Now you need a really big new house to display his award.

  • Congrats to you for being brave enough to do this.  Not sure I could…I’m more of a bury-my-head-in-the-sand type of gal.

    I DVR’d GMA because when your spot was on, I had to take the doodle that thinks he’s a cat to the groomer.  Now I’m gonna go park myself in front of the TV and grin myself silly and say, “Hey I know her…well I bloggy know her, but still!” 

  • Portia says:

    I am so upset!  I am off today but I overslept!  I truly hope that they give you a clip for the site!  How awesome is it that Rick won an Emmy!  When I was house hunting 3 years ago I viewed a house where the guy had 2 Emmy’s.  I was in awe, and yes I actually touched one!  Congratulations power couple!

  • Chris says:

    Very cool!  DNA research fascinates me.  We have one son with type 1 diabetes and the second one is pre-diabetic.  The more we know about DNA the better.

    Congratulations to your husband!

  • Betsy says:

    Great job both of you.  I missed the show.  Let me know if there is any  other way to see it.  Gongrats and mazel tov.  I am interested in your DNA results as we share DNA.

  • christy says:

    Wow this is even cooler than your reality show idea. And congrats to your husband – how fabulous! Now I’m off to do the survey and view your video where I’m sure you look glamorous!

  • Pam F. says:

    Jacob, Brandon and I watched this morning.  I had to rewind 4 times so Brandon could watch Aunt Kelcey again!!  You looked great!

  • You are a super star and I know you! Ok well not REALLY but I know you virtually and you are my Facebook friend so that means something, right?

    p.s. you’re adorable!!!  So fun to watch that.  Scary a little but cool. 

  • Terra says:

    I SO SAW YOU and it was awesome. I can’t wait to read more about the DNA stuff.  I hadn’t heard about it!  I am intrigued.  Can’t wait to learn more!

  • Jordana says:

    <<Kelcey Kintner is now a spitter>> Now THAT’S a quote! Seriously, though, Mazel tov to both Rick and you – good stuff!

  • Kim says:

    Wow, you and Rick are on a high this week!  Makings for interesting date night conversation… “I’ll show you my Emmy, if you spit for me”…LOL
    Seriously, Congratulations to you both!  Great job on GMA! Great stuff!!!!!!!

  • Marisa says:

    That’s great!!!  Good news about the Emmy too!  Awesome.
    I’m a little neurotic and live in Seattle so apparently the rain can cause it.

  • Jeanne says:

    Interesting stuff.  I’m past the point where it’s useful, at least for predicting for my children, but the concept is intriguing.

    Congrats to Rick!

  • Sandrine says:

    Congratulations I’m gonna try to see the show online. I love DNA stuff… Congratulations to Rick, an Emmy that’s fantastic (I think he deserves a bonus for that- oh I forgot those are for people who don’t do their job well!)

  • Sally says:

    I love how Summer looks on while you spit.  Genius.  She’s impervious to the camera crew and saliva contraption because this child is one cosmopolitan girl!  You came off as very witty, bright and pulled together, as you are.  Take THAT, WSJ malcontents!

  • Musing says:

    Very cool that you were on GMA and congrats to your hubby for winning an Emmy!

    P.S. not sure if I’d want my DNA tested, but I certainly don’t need it to tell me I love dark chocolate. 🙂

  • Lanie says:

    Thanks for posting the link – I just watched.   You are a super star!  Congratulations.   I wonder since I have already done genetic testing how this would compare. 

    Congratulations to Rick too!!  What did he win the Emmy for?  Great post!

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