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Things that suck about moving and leaving our rental house:


Pretending to pack when I’m really reading updates on Twitter and checking my Blackberry.

Now we will own a house which is way different than owning an apartment or renting because there is no landlord, no superintendent, no building handyman and no doormen. It’s just me and Rick. Fixing things. This is going to pose some problems.

Because of said packing and other commitments, I missed the finale of “Project Runway” (the only reality show that I watch) and had to DVR it. And then a friend inadvertently told me the winner before I had a chance to see it. I rocked myself back and forth in a corner, repeating the mantra, “It’s only TV. It’s only TV.” I have forgiven this friend because she’s super awesome and because it’s just really pathetic to hold a TV grudge.

Locking the keys in my jeep because because I’m overwhelmed, distracted and tired. Or maybe just distraught over “Project Runway” fiasco.

No opportunity to read my beloved NY Post from cover to cover. This morning I sadly only had time to read HALF of the story, “Lindsay Lohan is Banned from Clubs, Out of Work & Twittering her Nights Away.”

No time or energy to join the worldwide protest against an Iranian cleric who claims scantily clad women cause earthquakes. So in protest, women are vowing to wear revealing outfits and show cleavage on Monday to see if it sets off a Boobquake. If you live on the West Coast, just be prepared for some kind of seismic shift.

The most awesome thing about moving:

I never, ever, ever have to look at this rug in our rental house again….

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