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Four years ago, Rick and I attempted to attend the Presidential Inauguration. It did not go so well, despite the fact that we were holding tickets. Massive crowds and no crowd control meant one small nervous breakdown (me) and no inauguration (Rick and me).

At the last minute, we had to sneak into a private party to watch President Obama’s speech on television. But we were watching it on TV very near the Capitol.

Now if you know anything about Rick and me, we are always up for making the same mistake twice, so off we went to Washington, DC this weekend. And this time, we brought our older girls along.

We got up at 5:30 AM to get to the Capitol and Summer insisted on bringing her Build-A-Bear. We agreed but told her that she would absolutely, positively have to carry it all day.

inauguration - summer and bear

8:09 AM is the exact time I started carrying that smug dumb bear.

There was better crowd control this year but still some moments that were definitely anxiety producing.  I am still amazed by the lack of police officers inside the ticketed areas. Next inauguration, they just need to hand things over to the NYPD. Seriously.

We did finally find a nice spot near the… uh… toilets.

inauguration KK toilets

Which many people tried to take advantage of for better viewing…

inauguration climbing on toilets

This is about all I could see…

inauguration crowds

And this is pretty much what the girls could see…

inauguration crowds girls

After Vice President Biden took his oath, the crowd applauded and 8-year-old Dylan said to me with joy and relief in her eyes, “Is it over?!!!”

No, not quite.

But despite all the waiting (hours) and the cold (not so bad) and some serious 6-year-old whining (could always be worse), it was very cool to listen to Obama’s speech.

One of my favorite quotes that brought a hush over the crowd….

inauguration - obama quote

inauguration rick and summer

inauguration girls

And except for getting stuck in insane DC traffic when we got to town, intense crowded moments as we left the inauguration and tried to get on the Metro and witnessing a fight between Rick and the GPS that got very ugly, I would totally do it again.

Because there is just something totally awesome about saying… President Obama’s second inauguration? Yeah, I was there.

(Thank you to fabulous cousin Wendi for the tickets and fabulous Tommy Tom for taking care of the twins! xo)

26 Responses to yeah, we do inaugurations.

  • Amy K says:

    It would have been nice if in today’s economy that all that money that was wasted today on the balls and parties could have been spent paying down the debt. Or if instead of voting themselves another pay raise, Congress saved the taxpayers that money too. Or instead of spending all that money on foreign aid or waste money on silly speeches (what was it 3 in one week?) – we fed the children in the US starving. Funny how more kids starve to death or are killed by parents than ever even see a gun. For a country going broke fast – we sure do waste a ton of money on unnecessary garbage.

    • holly says:

      Touché Amy. The elites will never sacrifice their day of gloating, acting like royalty, all-the-while cranking up the debt ceiling, and then telling us little people we need to ‘sacrifice.’ I think they could have toned down the balls and still celebrated.

      • Missy says:

        So, people have to pay to get into the balls. They are not free and are not bank rolled and I don’t know about you but celebration is an important part of who we are as a people. Why don’t people skip their fancy weddings and spent their money on paying down THEIR debt. Because, celebration is important.

    • Shea says:

      I suppose I’ll give you both the benefit of the doubt that you would say the same thing if Romney (speaking of elite and privileged…) had been elected but part of me definitely doubts it.

  • Suzanne says:

    I went to his first inauguration. It was so crowded, but I remeber everyone being so patient and polite. I loved every minute of it.

    People got on top of the porta-potties then too. I was terrified they were going to be knocked over, so I tried to stear clear!

  • Wendi says:

    There is nothing like being a part of Ameican history! And I promise to get you tickets when Hillary gets sworn in four years from now!

        • Lotte says:

          Yes – a woman being American president. Yes – there are many female presidents in the world, but I think that an American one will be very special. Maybe the US don’t see it, but it will have greater attention from an European perspective. It made news when Germany got Angela, and it made small news when Denmark got Thorning (it is where I live) – but it will be world news – and world history – if/when the US elect a female president. I see from an European (female) perspective – and it will be seen as world history from that side of the Atlantic I believe.

        • sasa says:

          Well, I’m looking at it also from the other side of the Atlantic and an European (female) perspective and don’t see it as something that big 🙂 But I probably know what you mean – it will be big for media.

  • Thais says:

    Very jealous. But, I was in Grant Park in Chicago when Obama won the first election. It was seriously electrifying. I think everyone was stunned and elated that he actually won!

  • Marta says:

    I think there’s something very amazing in saying that too. Glad you were able to make it, I didn’t even have a chance to watch it on TV this year!

  • Penny says:

    Great memories for all! I’m from the Washington state, but happened to be in D.C. in 1977 when Carter was sworn in. At the last minute he decided to WALK instead of ride down Pennsylvania Avenue, totally freaking out his security. It was so weird to look up at the buildings and see all of these guys on the rooftop with rifles.
    Are you going to join the Million Moms March on the 26 for gun control? I would love to go, but can’t afford it, so donated instead. If you do, I’m looking forward to your post about your experience, I always enjoy your writing, whether funny or heartfelt.

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