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When it comes to award shows, I love the red carpet. It’s fun to see the stars all dressed up and check out what they are wearing. I enjoy the commentary, especially from my daughters. 8 year old Summer had this to say about Gwyneth Paltrow’s dress…

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

“I love the dress. Just not the flower sticking out of her shoulder.”

Honey, I think that dress is pretty much all about the flower.

But what I can’t stand at these events is people’s amazement that anyone over 40 still looks good. Like 54 year old Julianne Moore…


Or 45 year old Jennifer Lopez…


Or 46 year old Jennifer Aniston…

Jennifer Anniston Oscar's 2015

There is just too much of… OMG she looks gorgeous. And she’s a million years old! Can you believe it? How could she be THAT old and still look good?

I don’t have to point out to you that no one says this about men. Ben Affleck is 42 and STILL looks handsome?! And I hear he’s still getting movie roles! (Yeah, that doesn’t happen).

And then I was reading a blog post by CNN’s Carol Costello called “I’m 53. I’ll Wear Short Shorts If I Want” and it was all about the ridiculousness of magazines and retail stores telling us what women should be wearing at specific ages. Here’s an example she showed from JCREW…

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.41.40 PM

I hope if you’re in your 40’s, you’re following “Ashley’s” guidance.

And watch out “Pia,” because once you’re 60 and above, they really don’t give a crap what you’re wearing. I guess it’s just a free for all of muumuus, polyester pants and hairnets!

Gwen Stefani, a rock star, fashion designer and overall super cool chick doesn’t follow anyone’s tips for what’s appropriate for any age.


And she’s 45 and somehow still gorgeous!  This is what she has to say…

“For me, fashion is not really about age as much as it is reflecting your personality,” she said. “Your personality is what it is. I don’t see that as I’ve grown and aged and matured in my life that I have much of a different personality, so I feel like there’s definitely an evolution of style….”

I don’t think I have an evolution of style and I’m not attending any award shows, but I know what works for me and what I feel good in style wise. And I don’t need retailers to put me in some kind of fashion age bracket.

Nor do I need media outlets flabbergasted that women can be beautiful and glamorous at any age. Because they can. (Oh god, please let me look like Helen Mirren some day.)

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