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So let be the first to tell you. The Olympics are on. Oh, you knew? I guess you must have caught a promo or something.

I’m not even familiar with a lot of the athletes and within moments I will be sucked into their personal stories and be teary eyed over their victory or defeat. So it’s pretty much the same as watching “American Idol.”

Rick and I sat down to watch the opening ceremony this weekend at which point he proclaimed, “I want to be an Olympic athlete.”

I looked over and he was eating a bowl of shredded wheat and drinking a glass of vodka which I can only guess is part of his new training regimen. Because that really is the dinner of champions.

There might be a glimmer of hope for Rick’s dreams because Mexico’s one Olympic athlete at the games is 51 year-old skier Prince Hubertus Von Hehenlohe. You can’t say that name after too many bowls of shredded wheat or glasses of vodka. So I recommended to Rick that he become a prince and we all move to Mexico so he can start tearing up the slopes there. He’s mulling it over.

During the 18 hour opening ceremony, it became very clear that some countries are definitely more attractive than others. Rick thought Italy was the hottest nation. I tended to agree until I saw a smokin’ Lithuanian athlete. I can only imagine that your family had the same discussion so please weigh in.

Now the ice skating is always one of my favorite parts of the winter Olympics. I judge on skill, grace and their outfits. Because I don’t care how many triple salchows you can do, if your outfit sucks, you don’t deserve to be on the podium. And so far, this is my fave…

Yes, a little heavy on the blue but she looks like she could seriously rumble in that outfit. And he looks, well, smurficilicious.

And when it comes to the Olympics, there are always two things you can count on…

1. Apolo Anton Ohno will always have an extra bandana if find yourself needing one.

2. And McDonald’s will never fail to inspire. Just take its Olympic motto, “You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to eat like one.” So hand over the chicken McNuggets and sweet chili sauce, we’re all Olympic champions.

24 Responses to who needs blair waldorf when the olympics are on

  • kristen says:

    my favorite event is the biathalon. too bad i missed the womens’ event, NBC was too busy broadcasting those human interest stories.

    i love rick’s training regime.

  • Jodi Press says:

    My fave outfit too. loved when they were in sync and the striped side was perfectly matched up. No joke – last night we were watching and I too proclaimed, I should have been an olympic athlete. Josh wondered which event and I couldn’t pick just one that I’d clearly excel in and Clyde reminded me loud and clear (as we’re hanging at our SKI house) “Mom, you don;t have an idea how to ski!”

  • Crystal says:

    I had dreams of being an Olympic athlete once…then my mom told me they don’t hand out gold medals for being a diva. I settled on being a ROCKING mom instead (still waiting for my gold medal)! LOVE Rick’s training regimen!

  • Becky says:

    These blue outfits were WAY better than THE CLOWNS! OMG The Clowns!
    Remember when they used to just wear pretty little things. Sigh. Those were the good ol days.

    I can’t wait to cheer on Rick in 2020

  • Jen says:

    We turned on the ceremony for only 2 seconds — there was a heavy set dude with a mohawk in a horrible red and black outfit singing on stage. Only in Canada, folks…hysterical- Rick’s shredded wheat and vodka, that what having children will do to you!

  • Chris says:

    Your Rick cracks me up. I won’t let my husband have a glass of my wine if he eats cinnamon bears with it. Pig.

    The blue costumes are fabulous. Very “electric”!

  • traci says:

    The Sweeds weren’t too slouchy. Tony and I always exclaim our desire to be olympic athletes as well. I, looking for track and field and Tony keeps it Lo Pro with Curling. For the love of Pete, can someone explain that sport.

  • Gretchen says:

    It’s hard to have a conversation about athlete hotness when your watching companion is 6. Our conversation went something like this –
    The son: Where’s Shawn White? Is that Shawn White? Where’s the Mericans? When’s the snow boarding? When’s Shawn White? Is that the sled guy who DIED? Where’s Shawn White? Why’d the sled guy DIE? Where’s the Mericans? When’s the snow boarding? I like that funny commercial with the dragon! Where’s Shawn White?

    Me: Sh! I want to watch this part. Sh! I want to watch this part. Sh! I want to watch this part.

  • MommyTime says:

    What I want to know is: how many times have you gotten all teary over the P&G commercials with the tag line “To their Mothers, they’ll always be kids”? I choke up every time I watch that ad, and I’m not even pregnant.

    Also, I ADORE the ice skating, which is how I knew I had to marry my husband way back when because he would watch it — and LIKE it — with me. The blue robot outfits didn’t do it for me, though I will freely admit to a whole lotta’ butt envy watching her skate around in it. If I could look like that in it? I’d wear blue mylar too!

  • I’m with MommyTime about the commercial with the kids. Adorable.

    I can only half watch performance events like skating. So much pressure! And why are they all falling? It’s heartbreaking.

  • magpie says:

    Shredded wheat and vodka? Wow.

    I kind of liked those blue costumes, except that they were so shiny – that the girl wasn’t in a skirt was refreshing.

  • Lizzie says:

    I ONLY watch figure skating for the awesome outfits. Oh to see those rippled men in their frilly finery. It doesn’t get any better! I mustsay however, that my hubs and I agreed that norway and denmark were far and away the hottest – it was more acumulative effect in that there was no way that EVERY Olympian was that good looking – it’s gotta be superior genetics.

  • Julie says:

    I liked the blue suits too–that she wasnt in a frilly outfit–and he wasn’t either! Lol! I do wish they were a TAD less shiny, but I DID like that they were so different.

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