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Awhile back I started a letter writing campaign to get bedtime moved to the morning because wouldn’t we all be fantastic parents if we could do dinner, bath and books at 9:30 am?

For reasons that are unclear, my idea has not really taken off so for now I send my kids to school. Except for this guy…

Cash in super market

Some mornings I take him to the grocery store. Sometimes to mommy and me classes where I’m the unofficial leader of the old moms. (Actually, I might be the only old mom.) And sometimes I take him to the gym.

Now please don’t think I’ve signed on to this CrossFit sensation or actually raise my heartbeat at the gym. Because I pretty much joined the gym for childcare. It’s a little known secret that they don’t actually make you exercise when you go there.

I drop Cash off at childcare and then I go to the pool area, set up my own personal office and work on my freelance writing assignments. I could show you a picture of my surroundings but you would resent me which wouldn’t be good for either of us. But think sunshine, palm trees, a sparking pool and solitude. Okay, I’ll show you.

gym pool

Once in awhile someone will be in my “spot” and I will burn with fury because dammit, don’t they know that’s my lounge/office area?!

Anyway, once I do a couple hours of work, Cash and I go home. He takes a nap and I make calls, neaten the house and then try to squeeze in a quick nap myself before Rick brings the twins home from preschool.

Now apparently, I’ve never shared my morning itinerary with my twins because as a school project, they were asked what I do when they are at school. And this is the summary…

Chase preschool project

Harlowe's preschool project

Yup, that’s what I do. I lounge around in my bed all day. Glad they think I’m well rested.

12 Responses to while you were at school…

  • Franny says:

    I love the water bottle on your night table (I’m not saying there’s water in it) and that both kids know you are smiling in your bed!!

  • Beki says:

    Curious, do you wear workout clothes to the Y, or your power suit w/ high heels? Also, I can’t believe the kids exposed the secret of your napping all day, haha; cute!

  • Mary Clare says:

    Brilliant idea – free childcare at the gym, nice poolside work atmosphere, and no working out needed!

  • ddc says:

    i love that in one picture you have black hair and in the other you have yellow hair. but in both pics you sleep on the same side of the bed. gotta love those little minds.

  • daphne says:

    So it sounds like Cash is the one doing the work poolside and squeezing in a little cross fit? While you’re lounging about in bed all day. Well done, mama.

  • MN Mama says:

    Love this! I actually would love to see the poolside pic. You are a wonderful writer and mama! Thanks for the sharing your joy with us!

      • MN Mama says:

        Love love love it! I just turned my heat back on because the house was 66 degrees. Weird cold spell in May. Oh well…. enjoy your work at the pool. I love that you can work in such a beautiful place.

  • Leigh Ann says:

    When my twins were in preschool, I picked them up one day and Rachel said, “Mommy, did you get the house all clean???” I looked at her like she was crazy (because really), and her teacher said, “Oh, that’s what I told her you were doing when you left her at school.” And to Rachel, “Because that’s what mommies do, right?” And I felt really really weird, because I had been out grocery shopping and voting for the president and stuff. And the next time I dropped them off and they asked me if I was going home to clean, I said YES. And then I went to Starbucks.

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