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So I’ve been spending a lot of time talking to my baby about staying a baby.

“Cash – you’re 9 months now. And I love your face. And your smile. And your chubby legs. And well, everything about you. And I would like you to stay a baby. Given everything I’ve done for you and I won’t go into details but I will mention that every time I played tennis when I was pregnant, I felt like there was a head digging into my lady parts and let’s just say it didn’t feel great and my tennis game certainly suffered. So given that and a whole bunch of other things too, I would just appreciate if you could stay all sweet and babyish and not do that growing up into a crazy toddler thing.”

And Cash looked at me with those sweet brown eyes and I swear he mumbled, “I’m off to chew on an electrical outlet.”

Damn it. It’s over.

I know because I was wearing him in the Baby Bjorn the other day and I glanced in the mirror and it looked like I had Mini-Me from Austin Powers strapped to my chest.


I’m not good at letting my babies go. No, not good at all.

And despite my pleas and strong negotiating skills, it looks like he’s just going to keep growing.

Just go ahead and do it Cash. Get big on me. Your babyhood will become a sweet, fuzzy memory.

I’d say you’ll become something amazing but you have to understand, you are already amazing.

Love you baby.

Cash Feb 2014

mama bird notes:

I’m working with TNT, checking out their new unscripted show (that’s fancy for reality TV), “The Private Lives of Nashville Wives.” The premier episode  takes place during CMA Fest. And within a few moments of watching, I am already craving BBQ, a pool shaped like a guitar and a pink bedazzled Vespa.

The show revolves around 6 women (all pretty and done up Kardashian style) who I had a little trouble keeping straight. Of course one is a former Hooters’ girl. There were two Cuban twins (Betty & Ann) who fight a lot about a dead pig and made me renew my commitment to turkey bacon.

Since, I’m not really into reality cat fighting, I was a whole lot more interested in Sarah Davidson who is trying to make it as a singer in Nashville. She is married to Dallas Davidson (who not only has the best name ever but is also a hit songwriter).  She’s quite sweet and I found myself rooting for her and wondering why her husband can’t just write her a kick ass song. More next week. Mondays on TNT 10 pm/ 9 C.

This is a sponsored recap of Nashville Wives. All ideas are my own. 

12 Responses to where you going baby?

  • Honest Mum says:

    Beautiful post-made me laugh too (as always)-they need to get you on the show (now that’s something I’d watch)-you’re fabulous! Cash is just too cute too! P.S A reality show wanted to follow my family in the UK but husband said no (spoil sport)!

  • Marinka says:

    he is adorable and will always be your baby. I can’t wait to check out Nashville Wives. I had no idea about it until your post and now excited for this post-Bachelor show.

  • beachgirl says:

    I hear you….do not want my babies to grow up at all :(. I was putting my 4 year old to bed the other night – he had fallen asleep in my bed and as I was carrying him across the hall he started talking in his sleep and his voice sounded so babyish it nearly took my breath away and I just wanted to grab my phone and record him BUT I knew if I did he would wake up and then my happy moment would be shattered. The big question is does every mom have these huge pangs or is it just a select group of “keepingourbabiesfromgrowingup”?

  • Lanie says:

    Cash is amazing now and always.

    I remember calling you when our twins were about 6 months old and crying about how they were growing up so fast. You made me feel better by telling me all the fun and cool things you could do with Dylan now that she was older. I wish I could play back the conversation for you (you said it so much better than I am writing it). xoxo

  • Steph says:

    Oh his eyes are mesmerizing! Why do they have to lose their babyhood? Well, actually my 10yr old baby seems like a baby to me compared to her 16yr old sis:) so yeah u will always have a baby.

  • Marta says:

    I’m regularly telling my daughter (3.5) that I don’t want her to get big. To which she replies, “but I have to get big in the sky I eat all my fruit!” She’s the perfect adorable age. She’s opinionated but sweet. She’s fiesty but funny.

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