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I’m thinking you might have started to wonder where I am. Of course, there’s the obvious, “She must have fallen into her crock pot. Italian chicken is not for novices.”

Or perhaps it’s because I’ve been putting all my energy into trying to secure a copy of that Fifty Shades of Grey sensation. Once I stopped calling it “Grey Gardens,” it was actually a lot easier to track down on Amazon. But then it was like $150 bucks for the book version! Luckily, I finally found a mom who had a copy.  At morning drop off, she yelled out across a sea of mothers, “I HAVE YOUR FIFTY SHADES OF GREY!” which is sort of like discreetly handing it to me in a brown paper bag. So rest assured, a review of this mom porn is pending.

Or maybe I’ve been consumed with trying to remember Summer’s name. It changes almost daily. Today she was April. And Summer is shocked, disappointed and outraged when we call her by the wrong name. Oh lordy, I hope it’s still April tomorrow.

But mostly, I’ve been dealing with some tough family stuff that I can’t really share on this blog but I’m hoping I’m making my way through it.

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