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So the other day, I was chatting with nearly 5 year-old Dylan. A conversation mostly comprised of me fielding her questions.

“Why can I sometimes see the moon during the day?”

“Why can’t I watch more TV?”

“So when I’m a mommy and I have babies, where do I get the daddy?”

“What?” I ask.

She repeats.

“When I become a mommy and I have babies, where does the daddy come from?”

“You mean, how do you meet the daddy?”


“Umm…. well… umm let me think,” I eloquently begin.

“Well, I guess you’ll meet this boy Louie in the 5th grade but he’s mad for Tara so forget Louie. And then you’ll have some forgettable flings in high school. Oh and then you’ll fall crazy in love in college but that will run its course. And then there’s this guy you’ll meet when you’re in your twenties who seems like the real thing. But a few years later, you think, maybe not. And then you wait. And wait. And wait. And then finally, when you’ve reached your 30th birthday and determine that a life of solitude really isn’t that horrible and if you avoid fluorescent lights, you barely even notice your new wrinkles… that’s when it happens. You and him. And very quickly you know, he will be the daddy.”

I totally didn’t say that.

This isn’t about me. This isn’t about me.

“Umm… let me think,” I continue to stammer.

“Well, I guess you’ll meet some boys. Not now. But when you’re a grown-up. Boys who are smart and nice and funny. And well, you’ll pick one of these boys to be the daddy. How does that sound?” I ask Dylan.

“I don’t think I want a daddy. I’m just going to have the babies. But no daddy.”

“Ok. That’s a different choice. Well, we can talk more about this when you’re older.”

And Dylan – in regards to seeing the moon during the day, I have no clue but that’s exactly why they invented the internet. Find out here.

mama bird notes:


You all know I’m a huge fan of Seventh Generation. 

And I love them even more this week because they are letting me give away a Seventh Generation Home Starter Kit (which includes a whole bunch of awesome eco-friendly, sweet smelling cleaners for your home). So leave a comment on this post, mention Seventh Generation and you are entered.

And also, don’t forget to enter Seventh Generation’s Under the Sink Makeover Contest. You reveal a friend who needs an under the sink makeover and you both could win a consultation with a green living expert, a year’s supply of Seventh Generation product and a trip to New York City. And I hear NYC is just lovely. Click here for more info on how to enter.

But wait – don’t forget to leave a comment below to enter to win the Seventh Generation Home Starter Kit. Because chemical cleaners just suck.

Good luck eco-gals!

58 Responses to where do baby daddies come from?

  • Peta says:

    Who needs a Daddy anyway? I think Dylan’s on to something…….I’ve been sneezing my head off all night. I mean the kind of sneezing where the family says “Listen, were just not gonna say “God Bless you” one more time; we think we’ve got you covered for like a year.” Clearly, there are too many chemical in this house. Seriously, I NEED some Seventh generation around here.

  • Scary Mommy says:

    My three year old already told me that he doesn’t want a wife, just a husband and kids. Which would be totally fine, except he wants the husband to be his brother. Which would not be fine at all.

    And, I’ve been wanting to try Seventh Generation— why don’t you just send them right over to me?

  • stephanie says:

    Since I will be your new Rye neighbor in two weeks, living in the superfund site down on Milton Point ( yes, lead and asbestos), I definitely will need some 7th Generation! I promise I will get my cool on and meet you in Starbucks, if Rihanna doesn’t get there first.

  • Kate says:

    wait- that’s what I used to say when I was little… babies, no husband… this is explains SO much.

    And my kid needs rescuing from Seventh Generation experts because I apparently am still in the dark ages and the other day realized we own baby powder (the devil!), a non-stick pan, and a water bottle I am sure is laced with BPA. Help a baby out!

  • Gaby Rose has already decided that she wants to marry one of Meg’s friends. But she just wants to marry him so he’ll help carry in the grocery bags like he does when he’s over and we’ve just come in from shopping. Sounds like she has her priorities in order…although I actually told her to just get a large dog as they’re much easier on the nerves and can be trained to bring things in from the car too!

  • I love your response: we’ll talk about it when you’re older. I try that one too on my 6 yo son, who’s made it clear that he plans to marry ME. When does the Oedipal stuff stop, btw, anyone know?

  • Ms Mazzola says:

    I’m with Dylan. I’ve always pictured myself a mother way before I pictured myself a wife.

    And Seventh Generation– the only way to go! Cleaning without the scary crazy chemicals almost makes the act of cleaning pleasurable.

  • Rachel says:

    daddies are over rated 🙂 I can see 7th Generation Headquarters from my house and yet they don’t offer me free stuff.
    While I will miss the buzzy brain cells are dying fun of cleaning my bathroom this would be fun to win.

  • Kristi says:

    I have a 15 mo old but I can’t wait until we can have conversations – wonder what she’ll say??? And I love Seventh Generation products.

  • SoMi's Nilsa says:

    Seventh Generation home starter kit? That’s church bells (or bar bells) to my ears. We went on a huge cleaning spree this past weekend and we need more reasons to keep it up!

  • jamie says:

    Please don’t pick me, I’d rather gargle Drano than clean. I love that line, “this isn’t about me”. That would be a great name for a column.

  • Jane says:

    My girls usually just want to marry Daddy.

    I’m pretty bad on the eco-friendly front (though I’ve finally started using tote bags at the grocery store) so I’d love to try some Seventh Generation products!

  • magpie says:

    My kid told me she was going to marry someone that she went to preschool with…I wonder if she realizes that children (can) follow marriage…?

  • E says:

    At least half my girlfriends have recently said that their lives would be easier without their husbands so I think Dylan is just ahead of the curve. My former cleaning lady left some toxic shower cleaner. Hating to waste, I just used it and I kid you not, my lungs burn. Throwing it away and hoping I win the stuff!

  • calikim says:

    What does seeing the moon during the day have to do with an “under the sink makeover”…..I’m guessing wrong link.

    Oh, and I have seen the moon during the day too!

  • Sandrine says:

    When we were kids my big sister wanted me to get married, then she would borrow my husband to have children and then return him!!! I wasn’t game…and still not…she managed to get her own husband and kids…
    You hooked me up to the green stuff so of course 7th generation…

  • Nikosha says:

    You must feel lucky to have this blog…you will want to look back one day and show her all the adorable and great stuff she said. And as for the SEVENTH GENERATION…I’m due with my second baby in 9 days and boy could I use a eco-freindly newly cleaned nest!

  • rick (dylan's daddy) says:

    Call me sensitive, but I’d have hoped Dylan would want to marry someone like her dear old dad. She’ll come around.

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    No daddy? Has she been reading about the Octomom?? Or does she think her daddy is not necessary? Anyway, Free Trip to NYC would be lovely; but I’m not in the habit of looking under people’s sinks so I have no one to recommend for a ‘make-over’.

  • Stacey says:

    We just moved into Irvine’s first all green community and I would love to have eco-friendly cleaning supplies to go with my new eco friendly home!

  • MN Mama says:

    I started making over my cleaning products after you first talked about 7th Generation. I really like them but would love to try more! Thanks for opportunity to win.

  • christy says:

    Oh that is so funny! My nephew, who is five, is so confused about getting married. He wants to marry his mama, but is told he’ll have to marry a stranger. Even though right now he’s not allowed to talk to strangers!

  • Meaghan says:


    I’m a student in Canada (NS) who loves to read entertaining parenting blogs (like yours!), and who would LOVE some eco-friendly cleaners…which are hard to acquire on a student budget!

  • Julie B. says:

    My 4 year old told me that she’s going to have 10 babies (at one time) and that the daddy will be her daddy or her baby brother (after I told her that she couldn’t marry her daddy).

    I’d love to try the 7th Generation cleaners!

  • TRACI says:

    I love the original question, ‘where does the daddy come from’ That is priceless. My question to you, is why didn’t you tell her you find them at Target, right next to the toilet paper.

  • Mandygirl says:

    yes i want the cleaners. and i;m with dylan. i still think i am the daughter of the hot mailman my mom knew. i come from a family of all italians and i have the whitest skin and blue eyes. go figure??

  • Jacquie B says:

    I would love lots more Seventh Generation cleaners! I’ve tried a couple and I really like them! I’m going to check your moon link too. Nolan’s obsessed w/the moon. 🙂

  • KidSafe Mama says:

    Just scrubbed the house yesterday – before having over the relies – 3 bathrooms later and I swear my throat hurts. I didn’t make the connection till I read the blog and the comments. I won the Blue Bunny (kids ask everyday of we have received our first delivery!) so I wont be greedy, but I will go check out the products.
    As for Dylan – gotta love it. She has the world figured out.

  • Valerie says:

    I remember having nearly this exact conversation with my Mom when I was about 6! I have never used Seventh Generation, but would love to try it. I’ve been using Shaklee cleaning products since college and they are good for the environment too, and they have great vitamins.

  • johanna says:

    my 2 year old keeps asking how they will get this baby out of my belly. “How they take your baby out of there?” was the exact phrase…When I ask her her thoughts, she says “Maybe with a spoon.” Can’t imagine having the “how do I find a daddy?” conversation! Would LOVELOVELOVE some 7th Generation products!!

  • melanie says:

    my daughter has wanted to know if she could marry her girlfriend instead of a boy because they would probably have more fun together…

    she probably needs some seventh generation cleaning products to start her new life with her friend…

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