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Remember when my coat was stolen recently from a children’s museum in Connecticut?

Turns out this kind of coat theft is rampant because over the weekend the same thing happened to Lexie.

This is freezing cold, naked Lexie:

Lexie was minding his own business outside a grocery store in trendy Park Slope, Brooklyn (patiently waiting for his owner) when someone stole the coat right off his furry back.

Fortunately, according to the owner, it was his $25 green wool coat and not his pricier Burberry. Lexie is a very smart dog. He must know when the coat thieves are out and about on the streets looking for victims. I am apparently less smart than a dog because I never thought twice about leaving my Juicy coat hanging in the coat closet at a public place.

Now the owner felt so bad about what happened to her poor traumatized pet that she bought him two new coats. So I have since emailed her and asked her to buy me two new Juicy coats but so far I haven’t heard anything back. Her internet service must be down.

Thankfully, both Lexie and I are safe after our harrowing experiences. And it’s nice to know I’m not alone in dealing with this kind of crime.

Once Lexie is feeling back to normal, I am going to discuss with him that “Lexie” seems more like a girl’s name than a boy’s name but I feel he’s too fragile to deal with that right now.

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