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On Valentine’s Day, my husband gave me gorgeous red roses.

And heavenly chocolate malt balls.

And a simply perfect Starbucks gift card.

And then this…

That’s right. Let me give you another look…

Yes, it’s a velour hoodie-footie. Apparently, the company who makes these pajamas advertises a lot on Fox News Channel. You know what other commercials are always on FNC? Ads for gold. I like gold.

After I opened my Pajamagram (and that’s really what it’s called), the following conversation took place…

“Honey, this must be for your second wife. I think we need to return it.”

“I don’t know. It will keep you warm.”

“It needs to go back.”

“Give it some time. You might like it.”

“I’m serious. It needs to be returned immediately. This will never touch my skin again.”

“You might warm up to it.”

“I’m printing out the return receipt right now.”

“Don’t rush it.”

Rick bought it for me because I hate to be cold. Which is very very sweet.

Except I’d rather be cold.

Extremely cold.

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