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Yesterday was a very, very bad day.

I distinctly remember when I was part of that Blogher panel on humor writing this summer, someone asked us, “What do you do when you write a humor blog and your life is seriously sucking?”

And I definitely had an answer. What the hell did I say? I think something about readers understanding if life isn’t an endless stream of hilarious moments and witty lines. That sometimes it can get dark.

A very close family member is seriously ill.  Not the kind of sick that shows up on a CT scan. But the kind of sick that makes a person feel life is worthless and overwhelming and frightening.

After months of promising but inadequate treatments, I finally feel this person is in the right place. Somewhere they can actually get the best care, in a safe, beautiful environment. A place where he/she actually has a chance to heal.

I believe this person will get better. Even if he isn’t so sure.

Because this person is a survivor who is tremendously kind and loved by so many.

He didn’t want to go. But we were out of options.

He begged me not to leave. But I had no choice.

I promised I’d come back to visit the next day. And the day after that.

And when I finally drove away… I felt sadness and relief and peace. The feeling that comes when you have done the right thing for someone you love.

mama bird notes:

I’ve closed this post to comments but appreciate any prayers for this person. Thank you. xo

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