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7-year-old Dylan (Wonder Woman) thought Halloween was completely awesome and the best day ever.

4-year-old Summer (Blueberry Muffin – best know for her work with the Strawberryland Gang which is kind of like the Bloods but happier and less violent) sobbed through much of the trick or treating because she felt like she couldn’t keep up with the big kids.

We kept reminding Summer that there is NO CRYING when you are getting loads of free candy. This did not help.

40 something year-old’s Rick and Kelcey also sobbed because they were suddenly told on Monday that some of their kitchen cabinets are now on back order, delaying the rebuilding of their home.

1 1/2 year-old Chase (devil) and Harlowe (angel) mostly just cried during photos. And also ate 187 lollipops during the Halloween festivities.

A few photos from the evening….

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