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This spring my husband joined a softball team.

And three things happen every time his team plays.

1. The wives drink wine (in fact if I had known softball could be this enjoyable, I wouldn’t have dreaded gym class so much).

2. The guys lose and then go drink beer.

3. At least one of the guys always gets injured (playing softball, not drinking beer).

At first I figured the injuries were due to their intense commitment to the game and their desire to push themselves to the outer limit of human endurance.

And then I realized they are just getting old.

In fact, there is something about the aging process that apparently makes you more susceptible to injuries.

Because after letting my body atrophy for the past two years, I decided to pick up a tennis racket. Now I played tennis as a kid (mostly because it’s a requirement if you are raised in Connecticut) but I hadn’t played regularly in a long time.

At first, it went well.

Really well.

And then sometime just after “really well,” I ended up at the orthopedist.

I had hurt my knee.

But an MRI (which is weirdly claustrophobic and relaxing at the same time) showed no major injuries. In fact, the orthopedist mentioned that I had, “a very nice knee cap.” I think by “nice ” he meant a “young and sexy knee cap” but I never exactly confirmed this.

He told me I had to start do some strength training on my legs to protect my knees but I only heard, “blah blah blah treat yourself to some candy and wine blah blah blah.”

By the time I had my follow-up appointment, my elbow was hurting too so I feel like I really got my co-pays worth. Who doesn’t love a 2 for 1 bargain?!

Anyway, now I’m sort of addicted to this sport that is slowly destroying my body.  I can’t wait to find out what I injure next. But on the upside, cute tennis skirts!

21 Responses to what’s the upside to aging again?

  • Ouch. I tried to believe in adult sports… but it didn’t work. And playing pool (8 ball, whatever) doesn’t count… Which is a pity, because I’m good at it.
    However, I dutifully attempt my pilate’s dvd at least once a quarter but it’s enough to exhaust me for the next three months.

  • Tara says:

    It’s all about the clothes! Some days I’m not playing tennis I STILL wear my tennis clothes! Btw….nice to finally meet you at Wendi’s (I mean Taylor and Joey’s) Bnai mitzvah! 😉

  • beebs says:

    Mr. Beebs used to play flag football with a bunch of other men his age. I don’t know what their team name was, but I called them OMGH: Old Men Getting Hurt. Over one season, they had 2 concussions, a broken hand, numerous broken fingers, and a broken leg. All from playing against boys half their age.

  • Meg D says:

    You are so right! Aging has very few upsides after you turn 21 and get the right to drink wine and beer in public. I love running so much but anything longer than 6 miles (which used to be super easy for me) and my knee and ankles start yelling back at me so loudly I can’t hear the music on my iPod and I can barely walk the next day. Why is it that the things we try to do to make us healthy actually send us to the doctor?

  • MN Mama says:

    I don’t know what would help your elbow…… but I swear I would not be running if it were not for my foam roller. I love it and have found it extremely helpful!

  • Becky Rice says:

    My husband now prefers golf to his former favorites like softball and basketball. The only thing he strains while playing golf is his cussing muscle.

  • Michele Weiner says:

    Talk about aging, wait until it’s not so cute to be in a tennis skirt. You do have a long way to go but it will happen!

  • frankasen says:

    A guy on David’s baseball (fast pitch hardball) team had a heart attack this past Sunday!!!. He’s got 2 new stents and doing ok. But Talk about the risks of aging!!!! ugh!

  • Issa says:

    I’m laughing at your MRI description. I completely agree. I was like oh this tube is tiny and I don’t like it and this must be what a coffin feels like…but hey I’m laying here and music is playing and my kids aren’t in the room so maybe it isn’t so bad.

  • Susan Greenwood says:

    I recommend buying and using the DVD called “Strong Knees” from GAIAM, produced and led by physical therapist Chantal Donnelly. I have the same problem and this leg strengthening and stretching routine has really helped me.

  • Caroline says:

    Haha – love the line about letting your body atrophy for the last two years (still laughing about that!)
    But sadly, I understand…I am back playing baseball after many (let’s not count) years, and am horrified at the lack of “bend” my body is capable of producing. I can’t follow through at the bat, because, well, I just can’t anymore. There is a wierd shoulder motion, leaning forward, praying to hit – any kind of hit – and then a crabbed run to first base. And then I pray there is no one faster behind me…because seriously, there is nothing worse then getting heckled by the runner behind you – argghh! But I persevere – because 40 is looming on the horizon, and I fear what will happen to me if I don’t even try anything now. Maybe wheelchair baseball. And my kids hitting (and running) for me.
    I think I’m going to go to bed now and cry myself to sleep.

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