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When we moved to Florida, we had to get new license plates.

In New York, you need a license plate on the front and back of your car. In Florida, only the back. Which left us with two big holes on the front of the minivan.

Rick: “What should we do about the two big holes on the front of the minivan?”

Me: “I know! Let’s put a big Phillies’ plate on our car!!”

What I meant: I so do not want a Phillies’ plate on our car because it’s really my car and it’s humiliating enough to drive around town in a flashy gold minivan without some gigantic dedication to a sports team. I’m sure we both remember that ridiculous Phillies’ magnet that once graced our vehicle and let’s not repeat that kind of madness.

What Rick thought I meant: Go buy a Phillies’ plate! Quickly! Before they run out!!

So I walked out of my house one morning and saw this on my car…

car - Phillies wide shot

Yup. Let me give you a closer look…

car - Phillies close up

Wow. That sucker is shiny.

Well, I hope Rick enjoys what I put on the front of his car.

car - Harry styles One direction

(It’s good to have a few One Direction calendars lying around the house.)

mama bird notes:

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–Finally, I was recently part of a discussion on baby names on Huffington Post Live. Here’s the link.

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