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You know those features where you get to look in a celebrity’s purse and they always have coconut infused flaxseed oil lip balm, $400 designer sunglasses, an organic low fat power bar, natural spring water flown in by private jet from the Swiss Alps and a Hermès scarf.

And you’re like… really?! Because seriously, where is the chewed up gum wrapped up in a tissue that your kid handed you but you couldn’t find a trashcan so you threw it in your bag? Or the cheese stick that’s 3 days old? Or the Tower Records gift certificate from 1996?

Well, last night I cleaned out my purse and I just wanted to give you a peek as to what was inside…


And a closer look…


Yes, one kids sock (because that will come in so handy)

3 cans of mints (If you want to become a mint hoarder, you have to start somewhere!)

Plastic cups (obviously from when I smuggled alcohol into a viewing of Magic Magic XXL and no it didn’t really make the movie better.)

A 2014 calendar (in case I really want to know what I was doing 365 days ago)

An old coffee stirrer stick

Crumpled up garbage


3 pounds of change


I’m guessing you’re pretty overwhelmed by the glamour of my purse. Feel free to replicate.

6 Responses to what’s in my bag?

  • Paul says:

    That floss container looks like it has been in there a long time. You had better pray that your dentist doesn’t read your blog or you are going to get heck next time for not flossing enough. Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah.

  • Katy says:

    I don’t have any kids and my purse has just as much confusion as yours. I think we’re both ready to travel back in time and win money from Monty Hall on “Let’s Make a Deal.”

  • Meredith says:

    Ha! 3 day old cheese sticks!!! I find they go best with ritz cracker crumbs I find at the bottom of my bag.

  • I recently cleaned out my purse, while I was stuck waiting for one child or another somewhere. I unearthed approximately 3,500 pounds of cash register receipts from – among other places – Harris Teeter, Home Depot, and Target. So, naturally, my question is WHERE ARE YOUR RECEIPTS?

  • Angi says:

    At least you didn’t find a dead cockroach. I kid you not. In my defense, we were packing to move and maybe it wanted to go with us (it is Florida, after all). It probably got crushed by the 3 pounds of change. Or the water bottle. Or my husband’s keys, sunglasses, and other assorted crap that he always asks me to hold since I have a purse and he doesn’t. I’m going to buy him a murse one of these days…

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