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I love my Summer lovin’. I really really do.


But I can’t understand a damn thing that girl is saying.

Summer used to have like 20 words that I could understand perfectly and then dramatic arm movements to explain the rest of her life vision. But now she’s got like 435 words, except they all sound like she’s a slurring, drunk college freshman at 4 am.  Summer would be a very short college freshman.

Here’s a recent conversation between 2 year-old Summer and me….

“Jai vont shinkernell jaras,” she says to me with pleading eyes.

“What honey? I didn’t quite catch that last part,” I say.

“Jai vont shinkernell jaras!” she repeats.

“Ok honey,” I reply hoping she’ll just forget all about this “jai vont shinkernell jaras.” But apparently not. Whatever it is – it must be awesome.

“Jai vont shinkernell jaras,” she begs again.

“Dylan! What is your sister saying?” I yell out. Siblings have this secret language. They can understand each other when no one else can.

“Jai vont shinkernell jaras,” Dylan says, laughing.

Yes, Dylan, I appoint you the Queen of Helpfulness. That really clarifies things for me.

I look back at Summer who’s getting more than a little frustrated that her mother can’t fulfill a simple request.

“Oh honey, I love you so much. You are such a wonderful little girl. Maybe not so great with the diction right now. But no one can be good at everything. You know?”

Shinkernell jaras, shinkernell  jaras, hmmm…

And then I have a moment of unexplainable brilliance.

“Wait… Do you want your Tinkerbell pajamas?” I guess.

YES!!! That’s it. The two of us smoke some celebratory cigars, put on our Tinkerbell pajamas and spend the rest of the evening laughing about our endless miscommunications.

The above is all true.

Except the part about the cigars and me owning Tinkerbell pajamas and us laughing long into the night.

Summer just went to sleep.



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