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Last week was my babysitter’s 21st birthday.

It’s so sad the way she is so cute and free and has her whole life ahead of her. Must be a tough place to be in life.

7-year-old Dylan and 5-year-old Summer (my children in case you are new here or just had your entire memory erased due to post traumatic stress from the school year ending) were very jazzed up about my sitter’s birthday.

They picked out a cake.

And made a sign.

And chose the perfect gift…

A pair of my shoes from the attic.

They had somehow stumbled on that fact that my sitter and I wear the same shoe size. So what could be more ideal than giving her a pair of my boots?!

And you thought alcohol was the preferred 21st birthday gift.

Here she is opening up her gift…

And then my kids made her try them on to make sure they fit because there is nothing at all awkward about having to wear your employer’s shoes.

Luckily they fit!

And the card…

That says.. “I hope you like shoes.”

What 21-year-old girl doesn’t?!


I’m getting my boots back, right?!

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