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Okay, I need a hat for Chase. Let me see what I can find here in the attic. I’m sure I have something in this baby clothes bin.

Pink one.

Another pink one.

That’s sort of red. Well, more like dark pink.

Yup. Pink too. What’s up with all the fu*cking pink?!

Oh yes! A tan hat someone gave me. Very boy. PERFECT.

Except it doesn’t fit. Damn. It’s not that you have a big head Chase. It’s just a little husky.

Okay. Keep looking. Oh crap. Someone is crying. “Dylan! Summer! Who’s crying? Be nice to each other. Someone say I’m sorry for whatever you did. Actually both of you say it. I don’t care what happened. JUST SAY IT. I’ll be right down!”

Keep looking….

Yes! A white one. Totally neutral color. Completely appropriate for a boy or girl. And I think I can squeeze it on Chase’s head. Yup, I got it on. Yahoo! Let’s go for a walk everyone.

Oh no. Chase – why are you crying? Okay, the hat is a little girly. I’ll give you that. But you have three sisters. You gotta roll with it.Β  No one will make fun of you. You’re a BABY. Everyone loves cute babies in hats!

Although I do see it’s not a perfect fit. In fact, it doesn’t seem to block the sun at all. But that’s why I put sunscreen on you honey! Just close your eyes and enjoy the ride.

Please stop crying.

Alright, let’s take the hat off. I’ll buy you a new one.Β  One that’s not pink. For husky-headed babies.

23 Responses to what not to wear. by chase.

  • Steph says:

    Maybe there are upsides and downsides to being the only boy. right now all I can think of is that he is precious and perfect. Love to all four of your babes.

  • Stasha says:

    Try this: tell everyone in the family somebody got Chase a Seattle Mariners ball cap he loves to wear. Then sit down and wait. You will get an array of ball caps shipped overnight. Unless all your family is from Seattle…

  • red pen mama says:

    I’ve seen some posts around the ‘net and some anxiety about “dressing boys like girls”, etc., etc. I have a baby boy with two big sisters, and I have no delusions that he is never going to end up with polished toe nails or be gussied up in a dress or two. And he’ll still to be fine and boyish and not have gender issues.

    throw a pink hat on ‘im. πŸ˜‰

  • MN Mama says:

    Classic! I cannot believe he does not have a Phillies cap! I was talking with a dad the other day at preschool. He was laughing at himself and his youngest son who had a pink blanket on…. their third child was an amazing and beautiful surprise and they had gotten rid of all the first boy’s stuff. Grace…. give it to yourself as a mom and the extend it to someone else!

  • From one husky-headed soul to another: Chase, it’s full of brains. I guarantee it. So when the other kids say that you could advertise on your forehead, tell them to go bite themselves. You know, when you can talk.

  • Aunt Marcia says:

    Maybe he’s crying because you have too much clothing on him in the hot summer sun; and dark colors to boot which heats up like an oven and bakes your little boy like a cookie. Light clothing, light colors, keep him cool…M.

  • Jen says:

    Coming out of lurkdom because this post totally reminded me of the Barenaked Ladies song, My Big Sister. Have you heard it?

    I like my big sister
    But I don’t wanna wear her coat
    It might be black, it might fit perfect
    But you and I both know, it’s a girl’s coat.

    Now I can handle some hand me downs
    Shirts and sandals are out of bounds
    Balls and games and such, I don’t mind
    But a coat…is over the line.

    (And a hat too, it appears!) My husband and I crack up every time we hear this song!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Ernest Hemingway’s mother dressed him in girls’ clothes until he was 4, and he became quite a successful author, I hear.

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