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So Christmas in Tennessee turned out to be awesomely cool.

And not just because you can fill up your tank, grab a packet of condoms and pick up a fresh salmon roll all in the same establishment.


You just can’t get that kind of convenience up North.

My sister and brother-in-law were incredible hosts and party masters. My brother-in-law, Erik,  can cook up shrimp etouffee, gourmet turkey meatballs, three kinds of quiche, manicotti and still has time to party with us like a Memphis rock star.


Yeah… I’m still not showing you Erik’s face. I like my brother-in-law cloaked in mystery.

One night all of us danced until 2:30 in the morning. But at one point late night, I looked around and thought, “Who let in all the dumb, underage kids?”

Apparently, they were in their mid 20s.

This is my sister Quinn on the dance floor.  Notice the focus. Notice that when there’s a fog machine, your body just sort of takes the lead.


And not to be outdone. Here’s my mom a little earlier in the day showing us her tap moves, adding a splash of the Rockettes.


No fog machine or cocktails required.

Oh and this weekend, my sweet mom learned about this ritzy new technology called the iPhone.  She noticed that 4 year-old Dylan is really intrigued with the gadget and started asking questions.

Apparently the Apple marketing team has not been targeting the 65 year-old former tap dancer, current Buddhist, now getting a masters degree in social work demographic. I don’t know what they’re spending their advertising dollars on.

My girls loved their holiday in Memphis. Look at my little one in her sweet Santa dress and too cute red hair bow…


Oh you don’t think that’s my kid? Man, you are like eagle eye over there. Ok. That’s my sister’s adorable niece, Abby.  My girls dressed more like this…


There is something so lovely about the traditional wedding veil and…


the acrylic, Dream of Jeannie, halter top on Christmas eve.  Super sweet Memphis mama Martha loaned the girls these cute dress up clothes. Honestly, I don’t know why I even bothered packing actual clothes.

On Sunday, we were sort of  sad, super sad, ridiculously sad to pack up, say goodbye and head home.

Summer was obviously the saddest because she had to give up her little princess green halter top.

She dreams of a magical day when she heads back down South and they are reunited once again.

mama bird notes:

I wanted to give a big congratulations to my newest contributing mama Diane LeBleu. Her most recent mama bird post, “Merry Christmas! I Have Breast Cancer!” was just reprinted on the awesome New York Times’ Motherlode blog.  Click here to visit Motherlode and Diane’s piece.

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