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So when your dad comes into town from Cape Cod, you can peruse the Chelsea art galleries or maybe buy tickets to the recent Woody Allen movie or catch up on each others’ lives while watching the boats go by on the Hudson River…

or better yet

just make him phone bank for the Obama campaign.

Despite years of Democratic rantings, my dad hadn’t volunteered for a campaign since knocking on doors for Eugene McCarthy. Umm…. who? Yeah, that was 1968.

So he agreed on Sunday to end his 40 year hiatus and dive back into the political trenches.

If he was looking for gritty politics, this wasn’t it.

We arrive at a super posh, west village duplex that has an enormous wrap around balcony, with gorgeous views of the city.

We’re handed a list of potential supporters and given talking points. Oh and feel free to help yourself to the bottled water, fresh fruit and gourmet cookies.

Well, ok. Now I remember freezing my tush off in New Hampshire for Mr. Bill Clinton and I don’t remember anybody ever offering me any god damn gourmet cookies.

I am really nervous at first because of the whole cold-calling-strangers-who-might-be-really-mean-to-me thing. But you know what? After the first call, it’s all incredibly easy.

I call North Carolina voters and they are so darn nice. One woman says to me in the sweetest, most heavenly southern voice, “I’m sorry sugar but I’m voting for McCain.”

There is one little unfortunate exchange…

“Hi. This is Kelcey Kintner calling from the Obama Campaign. I’m looking for Gary or Pauline. This must be Gary,” I say.

“No, This is Pauline,” she responds in a gruff voice.

Oh. Sorry about that. I’m telling you, she REALLY sounded like a man. She/he is still undecided.

I am not afraid to use my womanly charms with the men either. Heck, it works for Sarah Palin.

And I’m certainly not above saying things like, “Arden Jones… Wow, that sounds like a movie star name.” Because it really does.

And I joke with them about how they are receiving millions of calls from the campaigns because they live in swing states and wouldn’t it have been great to be this popular in high school.

I reach at lot of Obama supporters and I have to say the whole thing is incredibly energizing. I encourage you to try it once. Come on. Once.  Just click here.

There’s only two weeks left.

And there really is power in doing something.

Just ask retired U.S. General and Republican Colin Powell, a former Secretary of State for George W. Bush.

Because he just endorsed Barack Obama.

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46 Responses to we’re not in new hampshire anymore.

  • calikim says:

    You call on your own Cell Phones??? Hmmm…sure glad its the weekend and Minutes are free!! : )

    Thanks for supporting the man!!

  • Rhea says:

    I heard about Colin Powell backing Obama on the radio today, and I have to admit, I really admire and respect Powell, and that made a big impact on me, an undecided voter.

    Good for you for getting out (with your dad) and making a difference…supporting what you believe in and doing something about it. I respect that.

    And what gorgeous views!

  • stephanie says:

    I love that you are passionate enough to do something to help the campaign! I admire that; a lot of people do nothing and then complain about the outcome. Hopefully enough people want change and are tired of the last eight years. Our ballots arrived two days ago. I felt an enormous sense of empowerment (my voice will be heard) and responsibility (my vote isn’t just for me…it’s for my daughter) while filling it out. I’ve done my part so now I can only sit back and hope that many others do the same.

  • Allison says:

    Wow! And to think you could have spent a nice day with your dad, sharing some good quality time, instead of calling and harassing people to vote for some fool who doesn’t even deserve to be on the presidential ticket…

  • Kelcey says:

    Allison – My dad and I had a wonderful afternoon together, doing something we believe in. I hope you, too, can have that kind of time with your family.

  • Cathy says:

    Good for you!!! I made some phone calls for Obama from the comfort of my home a couple of weeks ago, and like you said, it was so easy, and people were polite. The Obama campaign is really organized and make it easy for you to do. It feels good to contribute to this campaign that is just so important to me.

  • Elizabeth says:

    If I am going to sweep Paul Rudd off his feet I need to win that serum! Just kidding. And for Allison, I fully respect ANYONE who is politically active on behalf of their beliefs. I have a friend who is a die-hard McCainiac and I would never dream of belittling her efforts on his behalf or involving her family in them.

  • Bitsy says:

    Oh, Allison. Why do you have to make conservatives look bad? McCain himself has the class to say that Obama is a good and honorable man. You don’t have to agree with his positions (I don’t), but you should be respectful and skip the name-calling. The fact that we all have the opportunity to take part in the political process is what makes this country great. Kudos to Kelcey for being involved.

  • Allison says:

    Alright, darn it, I apologize Kelcey. I am glad you enjoyed your afternoon with your family…I did not and perhaps that is why I lashed out. I do not want to make us “McCainiacs” look bad so I apologize. I will just keep my comments to myself and will look forward to going back and reading this blog when we can all quit attacking each other over politics…

  • Treemama says:

    Wow, you\\\’re really doing it. I need to get up off my *#& and help. Don\\\’t think I could cold call, but sounds like you\\\’ve got it down to a science, well except for deep throat.

  • Portia says:

    Good for you Kelcey…I should have joined you guys…instead of going to work…lol. (If the campaign would pay my mortgage I would!) Phone banking and canvassing so important. I believe it is a big reason why the campaign has been such a phenomenal success. ALLISON: All of the \\\”attacking\\\” usually comes from the \\\”McCainiacs\\\” on this blog IMHO. We can discuss and agree to disagree without sticking the knife in and turning it as you all seem to do so well. Good that you apologized though…very un-McCainiac of you. LOL

  • Rebeckah says:

    I am so glad you could do something cool like that with your Dad : ). Thank you for supporting the election process and making a difference. I just read on eat play love blog that you ran into each other in NYC. How cool is that?

  • Robin says:

    Thanks to everyone out there who cares enough about their campaign choice to get out there and contribute! Thanks Tom and Kelc!

  • Becky says:

    Kelcey, good for you guys!

    My mom and I went down to the Obama headquarters last week and are going again this week. He might be in the lead but so was Al Gore in 2000!

  • I think Bitsy is right on: the point is to get out there and do something, regardless of which side you’re on.

    I cannot WAIT for November 4. Because no matter what we do beforehand, if we don’t get to the polls, it’s pointless. And I think a whole bunch of us will be lined up at the polls. (Except for you really smart people who have already sent in your absentee ballots.)

    And after this is all said and done, will you please post some picture of Adrian Grenier? (Yep, that’s me, swooning as I type.)

  • kristen says:

    good you, for going out and doing your part. those roof gardens are so enviable – i love looking up when i walk through the village, imagining what those spaces are like.

    colin powell’s declaration and endorsement yesterday was inspired. and it’s causing my husband to make quite bold statements, that just make me scared and hold my breath. please is all i can whisper.

  • man i really need to get somebody to watch these children so i can help my friends john and sara out!!
    you girls are hard core worker bees.
    allison – do you live by me, perhaps you can watch them while i make some calls?
    just kidding!

  • Allison says:

    OK, I know I said I would quit posting but I guess I can’t. I am going to try and do this nicely and not as an attack. Portia, this was my first post so I don’t think I should be referred to as “you all”. Yes, I made a jab at your candidate and called him a fool. I guess I thought it was funny. However, when “you all” make a jab at my candidate it usually pertains to his “robotic movements” and “eye twitching” which is all, very sadly, from his time as a POW while fighting for the freedoms of this country. Talk about sticking the knife in and turning it!! I hope “you all” don’t poke fun at all people with war injuries and disabilities. Do you just save that for presidential candidates??? We can agree to disagree on policies and beliefs until we are blue in the face but please do not undermine the attacks that have been placed on my candidate.

  • stephanie says:

    In Portia’s defense, I think she was referring to other people who have written negative posts on this site. I don’t think many people here make fun of McCain in regards to his POW injuries. Politics can bring out the worst in people!!! Again, you don’t have to like the candidate or support them but you do have to show a little respect.

  • mackbeth says:

    Okay there are some REALLY cute VOTE t-shirts for Dylan and Summer at Lucky Kids in Soho. I found them on a recent trip and brought them back to Denver. They definitely get attention or a laugh! You can get the girls in on the action!

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Both candidates are well qualified, honorable men; who want to do the best they can for the American People. It’s not an easy job, and they never can make everyone happy. They’re subject to 24/7 public scrutiny, they live their lives under a microscope and are in constant danger from the nut cases out there who disagree with them and want to settle the disagreement with a bullet. I admire them both…but have voted Libertarian….and in California my vote doesn’t count anyway, it’s going OBAMA, I live in a Blue State. Let’s all hope things improve for everyone; no matter who gets to sit in the White House.

  • JoLynn says:

    Wow, that Allison is something else!!! Us OBAMA women don’t have time for that, I guess I would be bumming if I were for McCain too!!

  • Thomas says:

    For the record, Kelcey and I did spend quality time together on Sunday, high in the sky, doing our bit for our chosen man. I’m sure some of the NC folks who discovered my message on their voice mail system did feel intruded on, but i’m guessing they’ve got the delete feataure on their system down cold. Each of the folks I got live thanked me for calling, even those who seemed destined to vote for Senator McCain, not hardly a fool himself. I ended up proud of my daughter for taking some action to advance her beliefs, and I felt loved that she wanted to take me along.

  • ErinB says:

    I am just leaving a comment to win the serum…oh I kid! What a great experience with your dad and I applaud your efforts to make a difference- every vcote counts!!! :-}

  • myhouseof6 says:

    jolynn – i hope all obama supporters feel the same way, so confident that they don’t wait in line to vote. maybe wishful thinking, but a huge percent of obama’s supporters are college kids, may they all go out and party the night before and stay home nursing their hangovers on nov. 4

  • Tully's Mama says:

    Bravo, Kelcey, for getting your cute Dad out there with you to campaign. So it’s not “door-to-door” but rather totally chic digs on the most gorgeous of NY days.

  • Oh, good for you and your dad! That’s fantastic. Both the work and the two of you working together. Aww.

    And oh my yes, Colin Powell’s endorsement. How cool was that. The elegant and passionate way he spoke about Obama gave me goosebumps.

  • Jennifer says:

    You have totally inspired me to do my part — I’m going on Wednesday to call PA and Ohio, dragging along my friend who has already been to PA and going to FL (yeah, she’s done alot more than me:) Thanks K for the great post. Now only if Paul Rudd were there too…..sigh

  • MichelleB says:

    awesome for you and your dad. I met my fiance at an obama rally a year ago! He popped the question and bought me a diamond engagement ring from http://www.idonowidont.com and gave it to me during the convention speech. We are a happy couple and love obama for it!

  • As I sat in the shadows of that gorgeous building chatting YOU up about your experience, I must commend you. I don’t think I could phone bank or knock on doors, it still scares me. Although I do have election anxiety.

  • Lanie says:

    Please tell your dad I am sorry about the Red Soxs. How excited is Rick about the Phillies? We have quite the Phillies fan base at our house. I am so glad that you and your dad had such a nice day. XOXO

  • Melisa says:

    You go girl!

    Please keep calling people in Eastern North Carolina…I was just there for 3 nights and NEVER SAW ONE OBAMA sign but tons of the OTHER one….

  • alina says:

    I think I just phonebanked at the same apt – WOW, right? So richy rich folks can support Obama too. And such a lovely snack spread.

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