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We have a winner! And I know what you are thinking – wait, I didn’t know there was a contest. Here at The Mama Bird Diaries, our contests are so under the radar, no one even knows it’s happening. It really cuts back on contest pandemonium.

The winner of this contest is the first to truly believe we would stick with the name Cash.

And I can understand some hesitation. For example,  this email from my dad…

Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 10.19.45 PM

I can only imagine my dad is ordering an infant size jewel encrusted necklace that reads CA$H for our new son to wear around his neck.

You don’t want to make that kind of investment if the kid’s name is suddenly going to change to Andrew. Because surprisingly, personalized infant bling does not have great resale value.

And it did take us 4 days after the birth to settle on a name.

Plus as you know, I haven’t shied away from changing a child’s name in the past.

But Rick’s cousin Adam and his wife Lauren believed in our commitment to the name. Because we just got this in the mail.

Cash chair

Yes, it’s baby Cash’s first beach chair!

What do Adam and Lauren win for believing in us? The chance to name our 6th baby! So start thinking guys.

Contest Rules and Stipulations:

There will be no 6th baby. Not even a chance.

But if we ever get a pet like a frog or a rabbit, the winners of this contest can totally name it. As long as they buy it a beach chair too. Because I think we can all agree that you don’t see enough rabbits in personalized beach chairs.


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