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Rick and my 9-year-old daughter Dylan went to New York this weekend.

I was left with 6-year-old Summer, the 3-year-old twins and 6-month-old Cash.

That sounds fair, right?

While Dylan hung out in NY with her very best friend in the entire world, Rick went to a Giants game with his buddies. And since they would be drinking, they arranged for transportation.

bus to Giants game

I have no idea why they rented just an enormous bus. I can only assume they thought they might run into the Radio City Rockettes who would obviously ask them for a lift home.

Meanwhile, I was dealing with this transportation…

kelcey at grocery store with kids

Have your kids ever convinced you to use one of these bus like shopping carts? The thing has zero turning radius and barely moves. I took out an entire Triscuit display before I had even started my shopping.

As we went down the aisles, I just kept shouting, “Watch out everyone! I’ve got no control over this cart!! It could go rogue at any moment.” It really is the Sarah Palin of shopping transportation.

Somehow I managed to get through my grocery list.  It cost me way more because I was in a total frenzy with all the kids. 3-year-old Chase kept asking me, “Is my swim lesson today?” One time would have been fine. 40 times was a bit excessive.

Summer wanted Ruffles and Pringles which I explained was completely unnecessary because they are pretty much the exact same foods. She explained how they are completely different. Something about the ridges. I told her to put one back. She did but I somehow ended up buying both.

Later, she packed both in her lunch. Along with a bagel.

Chase is also getting a lot of nutrition these days because he ate three packets of butter with a butter knife while I was eating at a restaurant with the kids. I pretended not to notice because I really wanted to finish my salad.

That is the same meal where Summer lost her third tooth in three days. If the girl needed money that bad, she should have just asked.  summer with no teeth

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