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Last month, I went on Scary Mommy’s website and saw this. You have to click to see it.

I know. The reality of life with kids can be pretty gross, right?

So, of course, since then I’ve been looking for a way to gross out my readers. (Some people have goals of inspiring their readers with beautiful, poetic prose but thankfully I do not.)

And finally, it hit me. This is the nastiest, ickiest thing I’ve seen in the last week…

Are those dreadlocks in his beard?

I just wanted to watch the Hope for Haiti telethon and take in the sweet sounds of the heavenly Justin Timberlake and then Pitt has to go throwing his super groty beard all over the place. Well, at least we all know Jennifer Aniston is definitely over him now.

Speaking of Haiti, I must thank all of you who took the time to comment on my fundraising post!! And all of you who helped spread the word on twitter and elsewhere (like Marinka, Wendi, Jessica, KazzieLB, smilinggreenmom, techsavvymama and princessmikkimo).

And MEGA thanks to my amazing corporate partners, Yogamat Boutique and Baby Star who each matched my $200 contribution. But it got even better over the weekend when I was contacted by UV Skinz, a fabulous swimshirt company, who also wanted to match the offer!!

So thank you to UV Skinz. I’m not really surprised that this company would step forward to help.

The president, Rhonda Sparks, started the company after losing her 32 year-old husband to skin cancer, leaving her to raise her 3 boys. She decided her life mission would be to raise awareness about the disease. UV Skinz produces swimshirts in tons of cool designs so kids literally don’t want to take them off.  Yes, the one shown here has popsicles! Please check out their website.

So that means we raised $800 for Haiti relief!! The money will be donated to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

As Justin sang, hallelujah!

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