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My mom has been visiting and really wanted to feel the warmth, see the ocean and smell a horse.

Since I’m obviously in the business of making dreams come true, I would never deny a woman’s desire to smell a horse.

The warmth was easy. And if she visits this summer, she should request a hot, oppressive blanket of humidity.

The ocean was gorgeous. After copious amounts of crying (not mine or my mothers), we all found the most perfect cove at the most perfect time of day.  I would show you a photo but I have none because I was too busy boogie boarding with my girls. Some of the most joyful moments in life are the ones we don’t even think to record.

As for the horse, we decided to take 9-year-old Dylan and 7-year-old Summer to a horse ranch. A friend recommend the Barbie ranch which sounded super fun because I figured after the girls had a good ride, we’d have drinks with Skipper and Ken at the Barbie hot tub.

Turns out it’s called the Bar-B-Ranch which is much less pink.

Dylan jumped up on a small horse with a vibrant spirit.

Summer looked at her pony and started to cry.  I coaxed her on and we spent about 20 minutes walking around the property while she shrieked uncontrollably. It’s the kind of quality time with your kid that you dream of when your pregnant and blissfully rubbing your belly.

Here is Dylan on the horse…

dylan on horse

Here’s my mom pretending to be a horse…

dylan on horse 2

(Okay, she was actually just trying to get out of the photo for me.)

By the way, I tried leading that horse named Bradley for about 5 minutes and he had me completely walking in circles and then he directed me right back to the barn. If my mom hadn’t come in and saved me, he probably would have had me picking up some hay burgers at the local horse eatery for him and his friends.

mama bird notes:

As you all know, I am working with TNT on their new show, The Private Lives of Nashville Wives. In this episode, we are waiting to find out whether an open adoption will go through for one of the women who has been trying to become a mother for a couple years.  Thankfully it does but I can’t help feeling a big of heartache for the birth mother who we only see for a minute.

On the lighter side, another Nashville wife attempts to plan a girls night out while her husband and boys are away. Despite a lot of hair spray and a limo, all does not go well. She picks a lame bar, refuses to drink moonshine, and is mocked by her “friends.” But because these are southern ladies, no one actually confronts each other about the situation. Oh bless your hearts.

Finally, Sarah Davidson, who is trying to become a country music star, plays to an audience who are more interested in their chicken dinners. But in their defense, chicken dinners can be pretty tasty.

More next week. Mondays on TNT 10 pm/ 9 C.

This is a sponsored recap of Nashville Wives. All ideas are my own. 



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