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There are certain awkward moments in life. Like when a guy-you-used-to-date sends you a LinkedIn request.

Because we all want an opportunity to reconnect with our past romances and endorse their digital media and business development skills on the networking site.


Or when you’re playing tennis and somehow your sports bra comes undone. Why would this happen? I’ve never seen this go on at Wimbledon.

I’ve been trying to play more tennis because it’s good exercise, it’s fun and it keeps me close to my Connecticut upbringing  – a state in which they require every child to learn at least some kind of tennis proficiency.

I finally found some ladies to play with and was playing last week with one of them. She’s a very nice woman who I hardly know. And then suddenly my bra snaps apart and no amount of awkward maneuvering could get it back to gather.

In case you think I’m a total train wreck – this wasn’t a normal bra clasp. It was some kind of mini clasp that I can’t reattach when I’m wearing the bra.

(Right now, every high school guy is nodding this head and thinking, “Those bras are harder than they look!” Okay, no high school boys read this blog but if they did, they would totally be relating right now.)

Alright, I know you are all thinking about hot high school guys now…


But let’s try to refocus.

So after admitting to my tennis partner that my bra had come undone and holding up the game while I attempted to jerry-rig it back together, I gave up and said, “I hate to ask you this but is there any change you could refasten my bra?”

Let me review a few things…

1. I barely know this woman.

2. I’m sweaty.

3. I’m asking her to re-hook my bra in the middle of a tennis game.

Because she is probably the nicest person ever, she does it for me and we are able to resume our game. I’m trying to suppress my memory of this whole experience. Obviously she is too.

Finally moment of awkwardness… seeing Kim Kardashian’s very shiny tush on the internet.  I wrote about it on Lifetime Moms. I think even her toddler daughter North is shaking her head in disbelief.


Okay, I can’t leave you with that. So I’ll leave you with this…



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