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I recently asked my kids to put together Christmas/Hanukkah lists. One of my preteen’s (now known as a “tween” which I thinks translates into “sassy youngin'”) said to me, “I already did my list. Come upstairs and watch the slide show.”

The what? Did you say slide show?!

And yes, as promised, she had created a PowerPoint slideshow presentation. This girl does not mess around. Slide one…

Christmas List

Okay, nice visuals. Very interfaith. Now let’s get to the substance…

Holiday 1

Are all children born wanting a dog and then dedicated to begging for one FOREVER?!!! I’ll buy my daughter the bow. And maybe the opportunity of walking dogs at an animal shelter. What’s the next item?

Holiday 2

Yeah, that’s not happening. But she should pray that she turns into Greg Brady and gets the groovy room in the attic.

Holiday 4

I don’t think the dentist would approve. And that’s enough gum to power a nation. So umm… no.

holiday 5

YES, she can have a TV in her room! When she’s 18. And lives elsewhere.

Holiday 6

A 3D printer! She can print her own TV!! Or maybe her own room!

Holiday 7

Well, that we could maybe do.

holiday 8

Yeah, she’s not getting that. But very cool color.

And thus concludes, the holiday slide show.

I guess I now forward this PowerPoint presentation to the north pole. Hope they have wifi.

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