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I don’t want to blame Florida or anything but since I arrived in this state, I’ve had the flu, pink eye (I feel you Bob Costas), an infected cuticle and now 10 cavities.

Yes, 10 cavities.

I don’t know what the heck happened.

I brush my teeth, floss daily and go to the dentist every 6 months.

I’ve had one cavity my entire adult life and it was right after I gave birth to the twins. As the dentist explained, “Pregnancy sucks everything good out of you.” Or maybe he said, “Pregnancy does seem to make some women more vulnerable to cavities.”

I chalked it up to one more pregnancy side effect, got it filled and didn’t think about it again.

And apparently I wasn’t thinking about it while I endlessly sucked on Nips Chocolate Parfait candies after the birth of Cash. It was sort of my baby weight loss secret. Every time I got hungry, I just popped one of those scrumptious 30 calorie 1 gram of fat candies into my mouth. And it worked! No more baby weight.

Do you think they could market their product as a weight loss treatment? “Lose the pregnancy weight by obsessively eating our candies. Lose even more weight because you will be too numb after each filling to eat!”

I don’t known why I never went into advertising.

So far I’ve gotten 4 cavities filled. Only 6 to go! I listened to Terry Gross’ Fresh Air NPR podcast during  the dental work. I chose the Tim Gunn interview which I could sort of hear over the drilling and screeching.

Tim Gunn is one of my favorite celebrities after I mildly accosted him on a plane and he was beyond gracious.

His honesty in the interview is almost stunning. This is a guy who tried to commit suicide when he was younger and spent 2 1/2 years in a psychiatric hospital.

He is really such a funny, compassionate and well dressed man. Despite the fact that he was Chair of Fashion Design at Parsons and the fashion mentor on “Project Runway”, his mother told him to dress more like Mitt Romney. Hey, maybe Heidi Klum can dress more like Ann Romney!

So day one of dental mania is over and I only have to go back 3 more times. I wonder if they’ll give me a punch card so I can get the 10th filling free.

20 Responses to great way to lose baby weight! big downside.

    • Kelcey says:

      I know. I thought it sounded impossible too. Then I went to 2 dentists plus had Rick’s cousin look at the X-rays. He’s an auto mechanic. No, he’s a dentist. So sadly, it all seems to be a true story.

  • Kristie says:

    Are you sure that its not the dentist? I went to a new dentist after years of the same one an got a list of 7 cavities I suddenly had. I got a second opinion… And shockingly dentist 2 said no cavities, just some soft spots that needed monitoring. 3 years later only 1 turned into a cavity. Be careful.

  • MAHARDY says:

    Did you go from high fluoride tap water in New York, to low fluoride tap water in Florida? If so, that could be the problem.

  • bitsy says:

    Mahardy has a good point. The Florida county we used to live in had no fluoride at all in the water. Don’t know about Broward. So sorry you’re having to deal with it!

  • beachgirl says:

    I blamed genetics and now you are telling me all my cavities were due to NIPS!!! I am addicted to them…is there a 12 step program for us NIPS addicts do you think? Step 1. Look at your credit card bill and see that $500 payment to your dentist. Step 2. Step away from the Nips.

    Any NIPS alternatives that does not result in weight gain or trips to the dentist?

  • Princess Judy says:

    Hey, at least it is just fillings. Just think–it could be root canals and crowns. I may be “Princess” Judy but I get no discount on crowns…. *sigh* Or not until I leave the country and get them down under. That’s Mexico, not Australia, but that might be an option too…. right after the private jet comes out of the shop.

  • daphne says:

    I’m pretty sure in Florida it’s cool to have all the regular teeth yanked and go with a full gold grill. Bonus: you don’t have to stop eating nips

  • Joanna says:

    I have an insane crush on Tim Gunn. I’ll have to find the podcast.
    Did you know he’s the butler’s voice on Sofia the First? I couldn’t figure out why the butler sounded so damn familiar, turns out he’s voiced by my white-haired love. 🙂

  • Mary Clare says:

    Maybe the upside to dentist appointments is listening time to good podcasts? At least there were no kids to interrupt. I loved the Tim Gunn interview. What an interesting past! Who’d have thought from his now polished persona that he was a deeply depressed youth and social outcast. Also, he was the son of an FBI guy/Hoover’s ghost writer and went to Woodstock?!

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