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Some of us out here kind of had blizzard envy (for about 20 minutes).

Did you know there was a big storm? There’s a couple photos on Facebook if you missed it.

Well, it may not have been snowing here but I just want you to know, it was raining. Really hard. Like the wipers were on full speed.

And it’s been in the 50’s. And my favorite part about it dropping down to the 50’s in South Florida is that people start saying things like… “It’s so cold. I’m freezing.”

Like take a look at this Florida guy…

Florida man in cold

It was 61 degrees when this photo was taken. I mean, a parka?!

Oh wait. You know what…

Florida man in cold 2

That’s my dad. 25 years living on Cape Cod and now he pulls on a parka in 61 degree weather. That’s what South Florida does to people.

My children were pretty unfazed by the plummeting temperatures. Especially Cash who, fresh off his challah stealing incident, threw an entire pint of raspberries across a parking lot.

Why would he do this? Especially because I had purchased them 4 minutes earlier. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I had some man hold traffic so that I could pick up every last raspberry.

I mean, I had just bought them!

They were organic!*

My kids would have been crushed without raspberries!!**

*They were not organic.

**My kids didn’t care.

The point is, I like raspberries (yes, even ones picked up from the pavement and thoroughly cleaned, ok sort of cleaned) and  a 2 year old is not going to outplay me.

So no raspberries for him.

Unless he says “raspberry” 256 times in succession and then okay, he can have some.

4 Responses to wait, did it snow somewhere?

  • Steph says:

    I’m cracking up imagining you picking up the thrown berries! Then in my head I hear a version of that line from soup guy on Seinfeld “NO BERRIES FOR CASH!” Enjoy your raspberries:)

  • mary clare says:

    My Puerto Rican in-laws are the same – sweaters at 75 degrees and coats at 70 degrees. I mean you can’t wear flip-flops all the time.

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