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We recently got a bunch of boxes delivered to our front door. I immediately took action by ignoring them and leaving them outside. But my husband Rick was concerned someone might steal them.

Given that I have left our minivan unlocked in front of our house for 2 1/2 years and no one has had the decency to steal it, I wasn’t worried at all.

But Rick was concerned for good reason. His news station, CBS Miami, has been reporting on thieves who like to “go shopping” on people’s porches. Especially now that Valentine’s day is approaching.


How dumb are these criminals targeting Valentine’s Day packages? Are they really hoping to clean up with a his and hers pajama set and scented candles? And these Miami criminals ended up stealing some poor kid’s medicine which is way worse than stealing someone’s bacon scented massage oil (yup, real thing).

Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking about what I want for Valentine’s Day and I came up with the following ideas:

  1. Minivan detailed
  2. Doorknob replaced on front door.
  3. Leaves swept out of garage
  4. Photos organized
  5. 3 baby albums made for children who are no longer babies.

You know I may be confusing Valentine’s Day with a To Do list.

In case you think the magic of Valentine’s Day is gone, let me reassure you it is still alive. At Old Navy.

I stopped into the store so that I could exchange something and so my 2 year old son could push down a few mannequins and climb on their fake dog.

Cash and dog

Look if you put a mannequin dog in your store, expect people to climb on it.

(Can anyone see the word “mannequin” and not think of Andrew McCarthy? Me neither.)

Anyway, while we were there, I started talking to a sales associate named Kimberly.

Turns out Kimberly fell in love with this boy Tommy when she was just 14 years old. It was her first love. He ended up moving away and they eventually lost touch. Kimberly got married, had a child, got divorced.

She says, she never forgot Tommy and thought about him every single day. So she recently tracked him down. Like old school tracking – she did things like leave a note at his brother’s house since the brother still lived in the area.

And when she finally got to see Tommy again, it was like nothing had changed between them. Although she said he had lost some hair and put on a bit of weight, the spark was very much still there.

They have now been together for 6 months and she wears an ID bracelet that says “Tommy 1977.” It’s the year they met and first fell in love.

Because sometimes life is just that sweet.

4 Responses to valentine’s day criminals and a love story

  • beachmom says:

    …and you got that entire Tommy story just by asking “do you have these in a size 2?” :))) love random stories. I guess it can get quite boring working in sales so its nice to share. PS you son is SO cute!

  • Judy P says:

    Ah.. in my neighborhood you don’t leave anything of value or that looks like it might have value outside your house or visible in your vehicle or in your store room. If you do you can kiss it goodbye. That would be why I’m moving.

    And yes, apparently there is a black market for stolen his and her PJs, massage oils, and oddly enough, bags of cat food.

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